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Muhurta fixation for marriage ceremonies
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It is said that chances for the success of a task is maximised if it is done in an auspicious muhurat. ... Muhurat is of great importance in marriage as it predicts the auspicious time and date of the marriage. It is a common practice in Hinduism to perform or avoid activities like important religious ceremonies on the basis of the quality of a particular Muhurta. One or more Muhurtas are recommended by the Vedic scriptures when performing rituals and other ceremonies. Astrologers are often hired to calculate a day and most auspicious moment for a Vedic-Hindu Wedding ceremony so that any possible divinely-sourced problems can be averted.

Various factors are considered while finding auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates and exact timing of various important marriage related ceremonies. It is quite a tedious process.

Our customized report, suggesting the auspicious dates for marriage, according to the birth-data of both the persons (bride & groom), is based on Vedic Jyotish principles, propounded by learned ancient seers of India. The calculation is derived from Hindu Vedic Astrology and is of utmost importance in order to avoid the presence of evil eye at the wedding.