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Horoscope compatibility related issues

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Horoscope compatibility related issues

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In-depth astrological analysis is done for your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Normally, fee is same for each question and is on "Per Question" basis. If you have more than one question to ask, sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions. The pro-rata fee gets reduced depending upon the number of questions. Details on fee structure may be found on "Order page" itself.
Given here-under is a list of sample questions, covering this particular aspect of life, for your guidance.

INR 1,130 US $ 32
per query
Please suggest if our horoscopes match suitably?  
Is any one of us Manglik? Is this dosha matched or cancelled with respect to each other? What effect will it have on our future life?  
How will be our life together after marriage in terms of health, financial status, birth of children etc?  
We want to get married but our horoscopes are not matching; can we perform remedies for it? What will be the future of our marital life in terms of health, wealth, children etc?  
We got married without matching our horoscopes. Will our marriage be successful? Can we perform some remedies for it now?  
Can we perform any remedies for the incompatibility in any regard?   
Is there Yoga of separation or multiple marriages or any other affliction with respect to marriage in our individual Birth Charts?  
What remedies can we perform before or after marriage individually from our Birth Charts?  

Each of the following questions may have "Different" and "Specific fees", as mentioned against each of them. These questions would not attract any sliding discounts and are payable in full. To place your order for following questions, read instructions or write us for help.

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