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Children related issues (Health, Education etc.)

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Children related issues (Health, Education etc.)

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In-depth astrological analysis is done for your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Normally, fee is same for each question and is on "Per Question" basis. If you have more than one question to ask, sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions. The pro-rata fee gets reduced depending upon the number of questions. Details on fee structure may be found on "Order page" itself.
Given here-under is a list of sample questions, covering this particular aspect of life, for your guidance.

INR 1,130 US $ 32
per query
What stream should my son choose for higher studies ?  
Will my daughter pass this Exam ?  
When will my son pass this Exam ?  
Can he attain PhD ?  
After school now what ?  
Which subject is most suited to my son for studies ?  
I am facing difficulty in fixing my daughter’s marriage…?  
Will my kid get admission in desired institution? Can I perform some remedies for the same?  
Please suggest some remedies to make my child concentrate in studies?  
My son/daughter is weak in studies. Will he/she repeat this class? Can I do some remedy to save his academic year?  
My child learns very fast and can tell everything orally but when it comes to Writing he/she does not write whatever he/she has learnt? He/she scores less because of careless mistakes while writing. What can I do to make him/her write so that he/she scores good marks and rank.  
My child is a very intelligent, but feels nervous during examination and looses concentration. Please suggest some remedies to overcome this weakness.  
We are unable to decide whether our son/daughter should opt for Science/ Arts/ commerce? Which academic field is suitable for my son/daughter to opt?  

Each of the following questions may have "Different" and "Specific fees", as mentioned against each of them. These questions would not attract any sliding discounts and are payable in full. To place your order for following questions, read instructions or write us for help.

    Price (INR) Price (USD)
What name would be the "Best possible name" for my new born son? I wish to choose a name for my baby which is phonetically in harmony with the instance of his birth. It should be astrologically helpful for a head start in his life to lead a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

My son is working at very senior post in a well known multi-national bank. He has the opportunity to get posted in any part of the globe, as per his choice. Can you suggest astrologically that in which direction he will be most comfortable?

My daughter was married two years ago and now she wants to conceive. Can you provide some astrological guidelines to help her conceive a virtuous child?

Please suggest some astral gem to make my son concentrate in studies? It is very important for him to perform good in upcoming competitive exams.

I am seeking a mantra for my 18 yrs old son so that he may gain strength, courage and confidence and bring out and enhance his psychic abilities.

I am looking for a very comprehensive Jyotish reading for my newborn son consisting of his personality profile, guidance, precautions & remedial measures (if needed). The report should provide readings concerning various aspects of my son's life, for example, his nature, temperament and physical characteristics, Learning and Education, Health, Career, Wealth & Property, The Good & Bad colours for him, etc.

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