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How to order our chart-reading services?
Few Quick Steps to Avail our Astrological Services


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How to order our chart-reading services?
Few Quick Steps to Avail our Astrological Services

Note: In addition to the "Special Astrological Chart Reading Packages", visitors may avail specific query related Vedic astrological services as well. Also see the links on left-side column of this page for more such services/ products.
How to order? Expected wait time? Specific Query related services

Please review the available astrological services (special Jyotish chart reading packages or specific query related astrological services) and choose the service / package. Please note that our services are subject to terms / conditions and disclaimers mentioned. In case you are opting to avail our services, then it is implied that you have agreed to our terms, conditions and disclaimers.
Make the payment. You have several choices for modes of payment. You may pay through PayPal, transfer amount through net-banking or directly deposit cash or a cheque in my bank account. Overseas clients may remit fees through Western Union Money transfer also. If you wish to pay through Credit or Debit cards, ask us to send you an invoice through PayPal or CCAvenue. Both are highly secured payment gateways.

Prices are mentioned for each service along with its description.

** There is no refund policy, hence you may contact us for any clarifications.
Post your birth data by email at any of the following email ids (or send on both of them to be doubly sure).

Every question should be accompanied by your birth details in the following format.

Name of the person:
Gender : Male / Female
Date of birth: ....(Date); .....(Month); ....(Year)
Time of birth: ......... hrs. (in 24 hrs. format)
Place of birth: ............(City);
............(State); ......... (Country)
Cell phone / telephone no.: ...............

Details of package/Service opted:
(or write your specific question)      

Points to remember when submitting your birth-data

** Write the "Time of birth" in 24 hrs. format, instead of writing as "a.m." or "p.m." For example, if the time of birth is 5:00 a.m., write it as 05:00 hrs., but if the time of birth is 5:00 p.m. write it here as 17:00 hrs.
** For those born after Midnight hours, but before sun-rise, for example at 3.00am on 10th November should write date of birth as 9th / 10th November 3.00am to avoid any sort of confusion.
** Month should be written in "Words". For example, 12th January 1967; 29th November 1982 etc.
** Mention Birth Place properly. If place of birth is not so well-known, write the name of a city which is more popular.


Upon receipt of the payment, details on package / services opted, specific queries (if applicable) and birth data - we will normally respond to you by email.
However, if required (additionally), we may facilitate the services through Yahoo/Gmail Chat at pre-decided fixed time or can talk through Free Internet Telephony services, like Skype or Nimbuzz.

BUT, please note that if the opted package / services does not mention of chat or telephonic consultation specifically, then additional charges for half an Hour chat or telephonic interaction would be Rs. 2500 / USD $ 50.