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Changing spelling of your name to make it phonetically correct
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A little change in the spelling of your name can invoke better astral vibrations and can bring a sea change in your life. You should always use your Lucky primary root numbers in every sphere of your life.

The sum total of Chaldean numeric values of alphabets in a name is called "Primary Root Number". If the primary root number represents a planet which is most benefic in your chart (determined through intricate Vedic astrology principles), then only the concerned name will remain favourable for you. Since date of birth cannot be changed, adding or deleting of alphabets is the only way to achieve harmony among your name and your horoscope. Once changed, new spelling could invoke better astral vibrations and can bring a sea change in your life.

The primary root numbers of not only your own name but your company name and brands are very important indicators of your success. Even the names of employees, business associates and borrowers can give early warnings if compared against your own best and worst primary root numbers.

If you trade in stocks, you will generally find that those stocks remains profitable, whom "spoken name" returns your favourable primary root number.

Your vehicle should also have registration number which returns one of your lucky primary root number. The vehicles, having registration plates with unfavourable numbers will be accident prone and will also give abnormal mechanical problems.

The sum of your cell-phone number should also return your best primary root number. It is very important in modern times because cell phone always remains with us and its number is embedded in our sub-conscious mind permanently. Therefore, the returning primary root number would act as one of the most effective "Numeric Single Digit Beej Mantra" of concerned planet. Naturally, you would like to embed the "Numeric Beej Mantra" of the "Best planet" in your horoscope.

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