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Your Baby's name should not be an accident of fate.

Naming your little bundle of joy is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There is no "Next time".

Don't give your child just "any name".

Give your child the best possible name.

The name you give your baby is going to be with her/ him for the rest of her/ his life. It's not a question of one day, one month or one year.  ... .. Don't compromise with the child's fate.  Choose a name for your baby which is phonetically in harmony with the instance of her/his birth.   

The RIGHT name for a new born baby, is the best gift the parents can give for their child’s success, thereby giving them a head start in life to lead a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. 

Know about practical uses of Best/ Lucky number(s) in daily life. You should strive to apply your best number(s) in every walk-of-life, as much as you can and should avoid the unfavourable numbers. ,.. that's the success mantra.

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Frequently Asked Question

After going through the sample of "Phonetically Correct Name for you" report,  on your website, I think that this report is basically meant for a newly born child going to be named. My understanding is that this report will not be of much help/use for me. What do you think?

This is a myth. Perception is totally wrong. Click here for more details.