Naming your little bundle of joy is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Your Child's Name Should Not Be An Accident Of Fate
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Naming your little bundle of joy is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is no "Next time". You should not give your child just "any name". Give your child the best possible name, which confirms to the principles of "Vedic Astro-numerology". The name you give to your baby is going to be with her/ him for the rest of baby's life. It's not a question of one day, one month or one year.

Your Child's Name Should Not Be An Accident Of Fate

Choose a name for your baby which is in astro-numerological harmony with the instance of her/his birth. The RIGHT name for a new born baby, is the best & finest gift the parents can give to their child. The effect and vibrations of a name begin right from birth. Not only does it help attract luck and success in matters of health, finance, and relationships, but also brings everlasting peace and balance to the life of your baby.


There Are Two Ways to Select A Lucky Name For Your Baby.

(a) You make a collection of names, from different sources, for your baby. Submit them to us with your baby's birth-data. We will pick the luckiest one among those names.

(b) You may utilize our database. We may pro
vide you more than 100 Hindu names, extracted from our database of about 15,000 Hindu names, beginning with astrologically harmonious sound syllables and simultaneously confirming to overall planetary configurations in your child's horoscope (represented by the lucky primary root number) also. View a Sample Name Suggestion Report.

What is Astro-numerological Harmony of the Name?
Every alphabet has a unique vibration. In Chaldean System of numerology and Vedic astro-numerology, each alphabet has been assigned a numeric value, between 1 to 8, based on its vibrational value.  The number 9 (nine) is considered 'sacred' and is not assigned to any alphabet.

The nine planets represent nine primary root numbers, from 1 to 9. The baby's name spelling should return a Chaldean (Kabbalistic) primary root number which represents a planet which is most benefic in native's Vedic birth-char, putting thereby the life of the Child in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

To determine the most benefic planet for the native, very complex astrological calculations are used based on principles told in ancient Jyotish Texts.
How Our Name Affects Our Destiny?
The hidden potential of a person can be activated for life by a particular cosmic sound that corresponds to an individual horoscope. Vedic Jyotish pioneers this art. Under Vedic system, every alphabet/ syllable is said to confirm to a definite pattern of sound ("Dhwani"). Vedic astrology suggests that certain patterns of sound are more in harmony with the instance of your birth. Alphabets/ syllables with friendly vibrations may be used for purposes such as choosing your own name.

Determining the "Luckiest Primary Root Number" is the Crux of Vedic Astro-Numerology. Sound is one of the most effective energies playing an important role in the universe. Mantras are the best example of the Power of Sound in Vedic Astrology. A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment -- the range is truly vast.

Primary root number of a name spelling acts like a numeric "Beej Mantra" of corresponding planet. Your own name resonates in your subconscious mind all the time. Now, if this numeric "Beej Mantra" is of your friendly planet, you feel comfort in your subconscious and your efficiency increases manifold. You remain surrounded with friendly cosmic energies which help in all of your endeavours.

On the contrary, if your name is returning a primary root number which is represented by one of your inimical planets, your subconscious will be cluttered. You will not be able to utilize your full potential. You will remain surrounded with unfriendly cosmic energies which would obstruct your destiny.
Essential rules for keeping Astro-Numerologically correct names
The "Naamkaran" (Baby Naming) ceremony dates back to the Vedic era which is normally done on the 10th, 12th or 18th day after the birth of a child. The basis of choosing the first sound a child's name rests solely on the "Nakshatra" (birth constellation) falling in the 'Moon Sign' (rashi) he/she is born under. The complete sound of the full name should be in harmony with the overall planetary configurations in child's birth chart.

Today unfortunately many name their children because of the ‘sound’ of name. Most of the names are just nice words without meaning. In a naming ceremony or ‘namakaran’ it is important that we understand the importance of the procedure of naming a baby. A good and unique baby name is thus a derivative of Birth Nakshatra's syllable and planetary signatures present in your baby’s horoscope. For knowing complete details about these essential rules for naming the child, read following article:

Essential rules for keeping correct names

Are Vedic Astro-Numerology and Western Numerology same?
No. Both are completely different. Vedic Astro-Numerology is based on Vedic Jyotish principles. It considers the overall planetary configurations present in a person's "Birth-chart", and therefore, highly customized and very complex in calculations.

While Western numerology is quite simple in it's approach, which is based on one's "Birth-date only".
Are there any other uses of the number of most friendly planet?
The use of the number of most friendly planet in horoscope does not end with naming of the child. It will have several other uses at various stages of life.

Higher the astrological beneficence value for a primary root number in child's birth-chart, greater is the astrological suitability of that root number for the child. Same way, the lower beneficence value for a root number denotes it's unsuitability. Lower the beneficence value, more unsuitable it becomes to the child.

The single digit primary root number (1 to 9), having the maximum astrological beneficence value in Child's birth-chart is called his/her  "Luckiest number".
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What Our Client's Are Saying?


Dear Shyam ~ I want to thank you very much for all the work and effort you put into my Chart. After changing my name, my life is totally different. Everything positive seems to be coming my ways. I got a better job and met some very helpful new friends. Negative thoughts have just vanished. I can now feel positive vibrations all around me. It's just wonderful.

Sabrina M, Toronto, Canada

We often receive such mails from our satisfied clients spread around the globe. To read more client opinions about our Vedic Numerology services, please visit Testimonial page.
Credentials of the Vedic Astrologer behind this report

Shyam S Kansal is a globally known Indian astrologer and his clients span more than 68 countries and include many eminent persons from all walks of life. His specialty lies in the timing of events and birth-chart analysis using Ashtakvarga, Vimshottari dashas, Sarvatobhadra-chakra and Divisional charts. He has also developed some special techniques for reaching to the ultimate net-result for the given birth-chart related subtle issues concerning various aspects of life. He is based in Bulandshahr (UP), India. He is a pioneer in developing some revolutionary astrological softwares, the concepts of whom have been often copied but never surpassed by other astrological software developers till date.

About Shyam

We may suggest you more than 100 Hindu names for your new born child, from our database of more than 15,000 Hindu names, beginning with astrologically harmonious sound syllables and simultaneously confirming to your child's lucky primary root number.

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