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Index of some real-life case studies
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Index of some real-life case studies

Vedic astro-numerology One must strive to choose a name with the spelling - which returns a Chaldean (Kabbalistic) primary root number representing the planet which is most benefic in his/her chart (determined through various intricate Vedic astrology principles). (see a sample Lucky / unlucky number table)

Higher the astrological beneficence value for a primary root number in your birth-chart, greater is the astrological suitability of that root number for you. Vice-versa to it, the lower beneficence value for a root number denotes it's unsuitability. Lower the beneficence value, more unsuitable it becomes.

View some case studies from Shyam's personal collection

Case study-1


Mr. G. Ram, a highly successful book publisher, wrote a book himself, titled "RASHTRIYA BAL BHARATI", The book name ("RASHTRIYA BAL BHARATI") returns the primary root number 6 (six) which is the best root number for native. Total constituent alphabets in this spellings are 19,  which also returns root no. ONE, which is categorized as "Good" for the native. The book's name starts with syllable "Raa", which is in "utmost harmony" with the birth star of native. The spelling of native's company name - "G. RAM BOOKS (PVT) LTD." also returns primary root number 6 (six). Total constituent alphabets in this spellings are 15,  which also returns root no. SIX. The native's popular name, in business circles,  "G.Ram" also returns the primary root number ONE, which is "Good" for the native.
Case study-2

Binu Motors

The native is in the business of motor spare-parts since last 19 years. He also operates taxi (cab) service, and therefore, frequently buys and sells various cars. The native was asked to provide a list of the registration numbers of various vehicles, mostly cars and some scooters, possessed by him during the last decade or so, and also  to narrate his experiences with various vehicles owned by him. The results of this analysis were simply un-believable. Out of the list of 15 vehicles, the registration numbers of eight vehicles returned primary root numbers 4, 5, 6 and 9. When astrological beneficence of various primary root numbers for his birth-chart was calculated, based on Vedic numerology principles, only these four numbers (4, 5, 6 and 9) were at the bottom of the list, categorized either as "Worst" or "Poor".
Case study-3


A qualified doctor could not perform well in his professional life due to phonetically unsuitable name.
Case study-4


Native's own name and also his business's name confirm to all astro-numerological conditions and positive effects are seen all through his life.
Case study-5


A phonetically wrong name takes heavy toll on a student's studies.
Case study-6

Tushar Kant Jindal

Case description to be written.
Case study-7


A well known astrologer himself. changes his own name to depict his education ("Aacharya") without considering the phonetic implications. The unharmonious phonetic vibrations of new name spell the doom for him.
Case study-8

K.P. Mittal

Case description to be written.
Case study-9

Arun S. Bhatnagar

Case description to be written.
Case study-10

Black Jasper

Even if the pet-dog's name and related events (like breeder's name, dog show judge's name etc) are confirming to your own harmonious primary root numbers, you may expect wonderful results.
Case study-11

Rajiv Gandhi

The names of most of the key persons involved in assassination conspiracy of Rajiv Gandhi (the 6th Prime Minister of India), the organization and even the date of assassination and name of State, when put to a Vedic numerology analysis in the back drop of Rajiv Gandhi's birth-chart, were found to confirm the mysterious principles of this age old science. 
Case study-12

Lalit Kansal

Case description to be written.
Case study-13

Tarun Kansal

Case description to be written.