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Know about practical uses of Best/ Lucky number(s) in daily life. You should strive to apply your best number(s) in every walk-of-life, as much as you can and should avoid the unfavourable numbers. ,.. that's the success mantra.




Here are some of the testimonials I have received from people for my Vedic numerology related services.

Thanks Shyam for your help. I must say Vedic numerology really works. I feel better and my life seems to be so much different, more positive people are attracted to my energy vibrations.

Gordon Parock, Los Angeles, USA

I have been so impressed with my Jyotish based name correction reading that I got it done for both of my sons also. 

Sabrina Mirc, Boston, USA

Life altered after adding an extra "A" in my name. Your advise brought many wonderful opportunities in my life. Thanks to you Shyam. 

Rachel Polk, Miami, USA

Dear Shyam ~ I want to thank you very much for all the work and effort you put into my Chart. After changing my name, my life is totally different. Everything positive seems to be coming my ways. I got a better job and met some very helpful new friends. Negative thoughts have just vanished. I can now feel positive vibrations all around me. It's just wonderful.

Sabrina M, Toronto, Canada

For me, life after my name change has been a miracle and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you Shyam!

Yatish Agrawal, Pune (India)

My son was intelligent, very sincere and studied with full concentration. However, he could not perform well in his examinations. This was frustrating all of us in our family. I have heard Shyam's speech on Vedic numerology in a club's gathering. Now, I wanted him to check my son's name spelling - whether it was in harmony with his birth-chart. I had a gut feeling that something is wrong which is beyond my son's control. After analyzing his chart, Shyam confirmed my worst fears. My son's name was returning a primary root number which was worst for him. The most unfriendly vibration were getting generated around him whenever his name was spoken. Shyam suggested to add an additional "s" in his name to correct this defect. This suggestion was not much difficult for us to adopt. Six months later, we could see the results. He performed very well and scored very good in CBSE 10th Standard exams. Besides us, his teachers were also amazed. .. Thank you Shyam and we love you.

Sangeeta Agrawal., NOIDA, (India)

I was jobless since last two years and always depressed. Shyam advised me a minor alteration in my name spelling. I followed his advise without second thought and it did the magic. One month after effecting the change in my name, I got a job. I strongly believe it is because of numerological changes. I feel my vibrations are now luckier. 

Vanessa Walker, Melbourne, Australia

After intense analysis of my birth-chart, Shyam suggested me using number "9" in all of my transactions, mobile number, car number, pricing of my products, brand name root number, etc. etc. I am following his advise with full sincerity since last seven years, I can say with confidence that using number "9", wherever I could, has made huge difference in my life, be it business or personal life. Shyam's explorations in Vedic astro numerology are just marvelous ! They can certainly change the life for better.

.Siyana road, Bulandshahr (U.P.), India

I recommend Shyam to everyone who want to have his numerology reading done. He gives great support and is always there to help.

Gordon Mcfint, London

I run a family Restaurant in Bombay. My business was in turmoil a year back. I heard about Shyam from one of my friend, who had consulted him earlier. I contacted Shyam and changed the name of our restaurant as per his advise. After six months, I am surprised to see the restaurant packed with customers - though every thing remains the same, including interiors, furniture and even the cook. Only "Name" of our restaurant has been changed as per Shyam's advise. After this incident, I am a blind believer in the power of astro-numerology.

Kunal Patil, Mumbai

Shyam, Numerology works. It is for sure. I changed the name of my company after your advice and I must say that we are doing better this year. I am not saying this is because of numerology but still I feel very confident.

Ellen Filsch, Detroit, USA

I have experienced some positive changes in my life after little change in my name.

Sabrina, Istanbul, Turkey