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Choose the auspicious and lucky name with the help of Indian (Vedic) numerology - for your baby and for yourself and your business - that goes with the birth-chart vibration. You should also adopt your lucky car number, lucky telephone number and lucky mobile number for complete positive effect.

Shyam's explorations as a professional Vedic Astro-Numerologist have confirmed the efficacy of this science so many times and with so many people. Categorization of nine primary root numbers (1 to 9), from  "Best" to "Worst", based upon planetary configurations in your birth-chart, is practically applicable in every area of your life.
You should strive to apply your best numbers(s) in every walk-of-life, as much as you can and should avoid the unfavourable numbers. .. that's the success mantra.
Your name's spelling. This is most important. Unsuitable primary root number of the name will bring bad-luck and will produce un-harmonious vibrations around you all the time. It will decrease your productivity.
Your mobile phone's number. Unsuitable number will produce un-harmonious vibrations around you all the time.  
Your vehicle registration numbers. Do not under-estimate the mystical powers of the vehicle registration numbers. Unsuitable number will make the vehicle more maintenance and accident prone. We have a case study on 15 vehicles of a single Cab-service operator. Results are just amazing.
Your House / Plot number. Suitable house number will bring you good luck.  
Name of your Home. If you wish to name your home, do it prudently. It should produce vibrations of your best planet.  
Amount of money in your wallet - should be such that total returns your best primary root number. For example, suppose, "5" is your best number. Try to carry 50 or 140 or 230 or 500 or 5000 bucks in your wallet. You will notice the difference.  
Be cautious of persons having unfriendly vibrations: The names of most of the key persons involved in Rajiv Gandhi's assassination conspiracy, the militant organization and even the date of assassination and name of State, when put to a Vedic numerology analysis in the back drop of Rajiv Gandhi's birth-chart, were found to confirm the mysterious principles of this age old science.
If you are a student:
Your School's name. Should not return your worst or poor number.
Student number / Roll number.
If you own a business / company:
Company's name / business-name. The primary root number of the "name" of your business establishment/ company is very important indicator of your success. Unsuitable primary root number of company name will produce un-harmonious astrological vibrations and will invite bad-luck. Same person may own various companies. Some of them perform well while others make heavy losses.
Note: The same principle applies to shop or office number.
Product-name / Brand name. The suitability of the primary root numbers of the product name (Brand name) to its owner can make it successful or a failure. A company may make several similar products and may market them under different brands. Some brands are winners while others are looser.
Note: The same principle applies to a website name, Film's names, T.V. Serial's name etc.
Check client's name. If returning your "Worst" or "Poor" number, take caution in extending credit or loan to him/ her.  
Check employee names. Many of the times, it has been observed that the employees, names of whom return a primary root number, and/or starts with a syllable, which are suitable to the native, are more faithful to the native. Vice-versa is also true.
Check associate's name. You will find the above principle working most of the time on your business associates too.  
Your pricing strategy. You should price your products or services in such a way that your favourite primary root number is reflected in your price-list.  
If you trade in stock-markets:
Stock's International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) - If it return's one of your lucky number, then, most of the time, concerned stock will be a winning horse for you. Vice-versa is also true.  
Stock's "Symbol" - If it also return's one of your lucky number, then possibility of profit in its trading increases many fold.  
Miscellaneous uses:
Name your "Pets" sensibly: My personal experience have been that if the name of native's dog returns a "Lucky" primary root number, then, the dog has brought much fame to the native in dog-shows etc.

As the determination of your Best and Worst numbers is based on "Overall Functional Beneficence" of various planets in your birth-chart, the same information may be beneficially used in the choice of:
(a) The Colors you wear
(b) The Colors you use in office stationeries
(c) The Colors you use in your websites
Which CITY or COUNTRY would remain suitable? Not all the places can be suitable to you. The Vedic “Swara-shastra” based "Phonetic suitability analysis" is a great help in this regard. The cities and countries, which return one of your suitable primary root number - should be chosen for residence or professional reasons.  
Vedic Numerology is all about resonance, and neither a religion nor a prophetic fortune telling. With practice and looking around your own circle you may develop a healthy respect for this seemingly simple science, yet as with all else it takes effort, diligence and continued verification to see the precision of the numbers at work. As a language system, Vedic Numerology is quick to implement in mathematical calculation, is practical, portable and instantaneously helpful.