Index of consultation samples
To help you ask your own questions

This is an index of some of the actual consultations
provided by Shyam to his clients.
Go through them.
It will help you in asking your own questions.


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Consultation on general/mixed topics:

Best career, best location, how to improve influence of divinities, mantras to recite, yogas for spiritual discipline, life purpose of destiny, success and wealth, Parad Mercury, control on anger, astrologically balanced diet.





Consultation on career and business related matters:



Consultation on marriage related matters:





Consultation about conceiving a child:



Consultation on ......



Consultation on ......



Consultation on suitable Vedic Mantra:



Consultation on phonetically correct name:



Consultation on wearing suitable astral gems:



Consultation on Muhurta







Chaughadia Muhurtas


Gulika timings

Yamaghantak timings

Ascendant calculator

Name root no. calculator

And, many more such FREE utilities.


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The date-wise conclusion of Vedic astrology principles-applicable to your own horoscope.