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"I am sure that the future offspring of this timely marriage between computer and astrology would be truly illustrious and prolific. They would revolutionize the utility of astrology and usher in a new era of meaningful computer astrology."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny-Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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Download Vjyotish -exl

If you feel any difficulty in downloading the installer "Read Download Help".  .

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Includes "Free section" with Chaughadia, Planetary-Hours (Hora),  Rahu-Kala, Ascendant calculator etc.

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Testimonials and Feedback

Vjyotish-Exl (version: 08.06)


For 32-bit Windows only

Note: For running on 64-bit Windows or Mac computers, you should install "VirtualBox"

Installer file name:


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Download file size:

6.30 MB


Take a tour with screen-shots





Chaughadia Muhurtas


Planetary-hours ("Hora")

Gulika timings

Ascendant calculator

Name root no. calculator

And, many more such FREE utilities.


Installation procedure

After download, run "vjinstal.exe". The Vjyotish-exl will be installed in the "C:\Vjyotish" folder. After installation, Click  "Vjyotish" icon at your desktop or from your program menu; or run "vjyotish.exe" - available in your C:\Vjyotish\ folder.

Are you new to computers?

Click here for installation help

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Free and Paid sections of the program

There are two sections of the program - "Paid" and "Free". The "Free" section contains several useful utilities of universal use, as listed above.

Just download the program now and use these astro-utilities without any restrictions.

Contact us for help or clarifications

If you feel any difficulty or encounter any problem in installing or running VJyotish-exl, please go through the FAQ section or Contact us for support.

Write us the details of the encountered problem. 

The main program comes under "Paid" section and will initially run as "evaluation" copy to let you assess it's complete features without having you to buy it. However, you can not input your own birth-data yourself in this program. The program will run for a sample horoscope till you order us to customize it for your own horoscope.

Once you decide to order us for Vjyotish customization for your own birth-data, you do not need to download this program again. Upon receipt of your order, we shall send a small customization application through email. Running that application will convert the same program to your customized Vjyotish. (For details please click here),

The price-list

The price-list for various modules is available on the order page itself.

Future upgrades are free

All future program upgrades are normally free. You can download new versions from time to time from this page. Your old customization  files will generally remain valid with the new versions also. Details are available in "License conditions".

Test it on a past event of your own life

You may test a significant and unexpected event of your own life through Vjyotish, free of cost and without any kind of commitment.

How it can help you?

Vjyotish can help you plan for the future - today!! It can empower you to take control of your own destiny. 

Some useful pages:
Some pages, you may find useful in resolving small problems while installing or running Vjyotish; ordering for customization or understanding the product better:
1. User's manual of Vjyotish
2. Facing problem in installing program?
3. Are you installing it on a networked system?

Examples of some typical uses:

Vjyotish provides vast horizon to explore and one really needs patience and time to fully utilize the Vjyotish potential. However, we have identified some common areas - in which many of the Vjyotish users remain interested. Have a look!




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