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Some tips for better usage of Vjyotish

Vjyotish is a strategic tool and it is imperative that you should use it properly to exploit the maximum advantages it offers. Basically, there are two things which are necessary to get the best out of your Vjyotish report.


Understanding the program functions and facilities properly. Click here to read some tips on program usage.


Adopting the proper methodology. Rest of this document deals with this aspect.

In our normal life, we tend to view a problem from several angles to assess all the related aspects in a better perspective. Our multi-cornered approach brings us answers for various facets of that problem. When we put together all these answers to get a consolidated view, we are in a better situation to tackle the problem.


The program provides you several hundred Vjyotish indices, each of them astrologically analyzing a very particular area of your life at the subtlest level. When you try to find an answer of your query through it, we suggest you to identify the various issues involved (revolving around your area of interest), which may be helpful in answering your query, directly or indirectly. You should adopt a multi-cornered approach towards astrology too just like you have it in your general life. The basic idea behind suggesting this exercise is to cross-check an eventuality from several possible angles.

We suggest you here some steps to use Vjyotish more efficiently:


Take a print-out of the list of available indices in Vjyotish and keep it in a file cover for future reference.


Go through this list a few times and note down the names of the various indexes, which, you think, may be helpful in answering your query, directly or indirectly.


Create those indexes with the help of Vjyotish, one by one, for the desired period (say for next 60 days).


Take notes on a paper for the astrological indications given by each of these indices. If you are embarking on a critical decision, we suggest you to take the printouts of these chosen indexes for the selected time frame. It will make the process of comparing the indexes more easy for you.


After going through all the indexes, of whom you made the list of, compare the indications with each other. If most of the indexes indicate in the same direction, the answer is quite clear in itself. If there are conflicting indications, you can conclude on the "principle of majority votes".

To take full advantage of Vjyotish indices, it is necessary to understand the basics, constitution and display components of these indices properly. Therefore, it is advisable that you also go through the document "How to interpret the Vjyotish indices?"

Remember that such comparison of several indexes (of related matters) will provide you corroborative astrological evidence. The greater the number of evidences in a particular direction, the greater is the probability of that event.

Most "insignificant" indices may, sometimes, give very "significant" clue:

There are many indices in the program menu, which, you might think insignificant at first glance. But, in fact, at times, these very "insignificant indices" may give a very "significant" clue for an eventuality, for which we had no other method to know about.

For example, "The index of your overall mental tranquility" is one such index. Suppose, you wanted to know whether your near friend or spouse would win the election? There is no answer to this question in program menu. However, if we think deeply, there is an indirect answer available in the form of this index. A favourable outcome of the election would make you happy, and therefore, if this particular index is positive on or around the given date, it gives you an astrological indication that the outcome of the ensuing event may be on the anticipated lines.


Therefore, please go through the program menu (for Vjyotish indices) carefully and note down the names of various relevant indexes to be referred in different situations.


There is a section in the program, called "Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group". Here, you may have a bird's eye-view of astrological signatures concerning various involved issues which must be looked into while you are seeking the divine guidance with a specific object in your mind. In this section, several important issues has been listed and various relevant indices have been pre-defined to make your task easier.

For a better idea about the message, we want to convey you, please have a look at "Some general usage examples in daily life" section. 

Besides that, there is another page - "Suggested Vjyotish indices to be referenced" which tries to guide you about various relevant Vjyotish indices, which you should refer in various matters and situations.

We recommend you to view the occupational profile of the existing Vjyotish users also. Here, you will get the clue how thousands of Vjyotish users, falling under various occupation-categories, are using the product for different purposes. This compilation is based on feedbacks from our customers.

[For more details, please read chapter "Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group" in page "The actual look and feel of the Vjyotish indices"]

Click here to take a look at some real-life incidents. Here you will see how various Vjyotish indices often provide corroborative evidences in support of a incident, which is already indicated by the main Vjyotish index of the matter concerned.


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