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The concepts behind Vjyotish indices

Vjyotish index is a "concept" of drawing net astrological conclusion, by mathematically quantifying various astrological parameters, and then displaying it in a graphical format to convey you everything in a nutshell in unambiguous terms.

Vjyotish index is an extremely important tool that can manage your future and your life. It may depict your daily astrological autograph from birth to the end of your life. According to Vedic Astrology, your life in this world is the sum total of the effects of your Karma from all your past lives and the effects of your Karma in this life.

In our lifetime, we experience the effects of two types of Karma--our Past Karma that we inherit from our previous lives and our Present Karma, one that we perform in this life by our own choice and will power. What we inherit from our previous lives is the net balance of good and bad deeds, which we call our destiny.

Our Karma in this life begins immediately after our birth, from the moment we utter our first cry and take the first breath. As human life is Godís highest creation, God in His infinite mercy has bestowed us with higher faculties, a will to shape our own future and destiny and moral sense to discriminate between good and evil. In making everyday choices, we shape and participate in creating our Present Karma. The various Vjyotish indices will help you in understanding this better and help you shape your Karma, as Vedic astrology truly believes that human beings are unique creations of God and only human beings can shape their destiny through their will and effort.

The Vjyotish indices that we are introducing you, are the projected balance sheets of various areas of one's life. Vedic astrology captures these balance sheets from one's birth details. As you are the permanent Chief Executive Officer of your life, we feel that you should also have this most important strategic tool to manage your life. By analyzing your Vjyotish indices, you may gauge the rising and falling trends your life aspects and change the negative trends of your horoscope. This accounting system is perfect as only God can make it, where every debit and credit entry is recorded, so every good deed in this world will negate negative trends from the past. We, after considerable research into ancient Vedic astrology and with the help of information technology, will be too happy to present the rise and fall of different aspects of your life in the form of projected balance sheets. It will change the way; you look at yourself, your life and the world around you.

This is our humble effort to strip off astrology from all its alchemy and magical image to its proper place as any other modern liberal science and make astrology relevant for the new millennium. We believe that through Astrology, we should  be able to identify the bullish and bearish periods of our life and know the turning points. Guided by these turning points, we can take full advantage of the bullish periods and take corrective action for the bearish periods.

The Vjyotish indexes are the strategic tool to manage your life better. The Vjyotish indexes captures the bullish and bearish periods of your life and clearly identifies all the different turning points. Being aware of these factors, you have the option to choose the strategic steps that you can take at any point in your life to minimize the negative trends (see an example) or strengthen the positive ones (see an example).

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To understand the concept of Vjyotish and it's constitution in greater detail , please read the document "What is the Vjyotish index".


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