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"To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Kansal is the first and the only person who recognized this potential of Ashtakvarga and married it to computers with very successful predictive results."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny-Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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What is innovative?

How can we define the creative process? 

Is it the expression of an inner voice, the translating of a dream into tangible reality or the end of a journey of discovery? It is all this and more, and it's magic lies in the fact that no two creative processes and expressions are alike.

'Vjyotish index' was a unique tool, based on Vedic Astrology principles, which was conceptualized for the very first time in the year 1996 by it's creator - Shyaam Sunder Kansal. However, if someone asks today-

"What new astrological principle was laid down or found by the author ?"

The answer will be "None". Not a single new astrological findings is there to author's credit.

But, still, there must be something innovative, which prompted Mr.Vinay Aditya (the author of  "Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakvarga") to write about Shyaam's work:

"The general lot of programmers have only given the calculations of Ashtakvarga parameters without attempting to make their use in actual predictive work. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Kansal is the first and the only person who recognised this potential of Ashtakvarga and married it to computers with very successful predictive results. I am sure that the future offsprings of this timely marriage would be truly illustrious and prolific. They would revolutionise the utility of astrology and usher in a new era of meaningful computer astrology."

The innovation in the Shyaam's work, in this light, may be summarized as follows:


The innovation was in the "way", in which several astrological principles were simultaneously integrated to gauge the benefic and malefic effects of each planet in natal horoscope as well as in their daily transit.


The innovative was the "system" in which the program integrates the natal effects of planets with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner.


The innovative was the "method" through which various key astrological parameters were quantified that were hitherto not quantified.


The innovative was the "concept" of drawing a net astrological conclusion, called "net astrological effect" by mathematically quantifying various astrological parameters.


The innovative were the "steps"  to enable the program analyzing the "day", with reference to each house of the horoscope individually. This was the first attempt to make use of various astrological parameters in actual predictive work on daily basis.


The innovative was the "vision", which, for the very first time in the history of computer astrology, visualized a method of analyzing "each day", and that too, in great details, which aimed at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance in everyday endeavours.


The innovative was the "program" through which you may have a bird's eye-view of astrological signatures concerning various involved issues which must be looked into while you are seeking the divine guidance with a specific object in your mind.

Incorporating the 'Ashtakvarga'  base, planetary strengths, their inter-personal relations, their transits through various sensitive points in a horoscope, the operating "Vimsottari dasa" and much more with stunning integration and proper quantification of all these factors, to churn out the magical figures for the Vjyotish indices, has been considered innovative by every scholar of astrology, who came to know about it.

Dr. K. S. Charak [Author of several excellent books on Vedic astrology and an astrologer of International repute]; wrote on our visitor's register:

"I am highly impressed by the use of Ashtakvarga in a very scientific 
and uniquely innovative way. This approach is certainly going 
to be a landmark in predictive astrology."

The fourteen man-years (since 1987), abundance of innovative ideas, and above all, the passion. This was the sole investment by the author of "Vjyotish", "Stock Compass" and other Jyotish products. With these kind of encouraging words from the astrology scholars coming through, the whole investment found its worth.

What makes us a pioneer

The Vjyotish, Stock Compass and other products were outcome of very original thinking, which opened new vistas in the field of astrology.  As per our best knowledge, no body else in the history of astrology has ever tried or even thought of, for this type of astrological model, which gave precise numerical results for twelve houses and the nine planets.

The author, for the very first time, demonstrated his initial creation during the Mystique India'97 exhibition held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, in October 1997. It immediately caught the attention of every scholar of astrology, present there. They were unanimous that this was the first attempt by anybody to quantify the various astrological principles, maintaining its true spirit and intent. Their critical appraisal of author's efforts paved the way for him to go deeper into the subject.

Since then, several renowned astrology scholars and authors of astrology books has opined that it was a pioneering work and effort to quantify the date-wise auspiciousness of various planets and houses in a horoscope individually, based on Ashtakvarga and so many other transit parameters. It made possible to innovate on a micro scale in astrological research in the light of various incidents in a person's life. It was a sort of new kind of electronic "Varshaphala"' which could give meaningful "How is your day, today" from one's birth-data.

Mr. Anshumalee Sood, (M.Tech., I.I.T. Delhi, Jyotish Acharya, Publisher of "Vedic Astrology" a bi-monthly with global circulation), wrote:

“Mr. Shyaam Sunder Kansal has done pioneering work in this field. He has successfully developed software using Ashtakvarga and other relevant quantifiable astrological parameters which aims at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance in everyday endeavours. He has also attempted to quantify factors that were hitherto not quantified. He has been the first and is the only person in our knowledge so far who has recognized the potential of Ashtakvarga and married it to computers with very successful predictive results.”  

How much efforts

Vjyotish and Stock Compass are the products which needed continuous and sincere efforts in research and development. During the last so many years,  most of the author's time has been invested in reading and understanding various astrological texts;  understanding the inherent clauses and conditions which were scatterdly written but not clearly explained in those books; making flow charts trying to bring various concepts on a single report platform and standardizing those concepts so that various astrological parameters can be quantified with proper weightages and results can be presented in a numeric tabular format. There were no previous report formats available to the author to take clue from or to compare with them. It was a Herculean task where every thing needed to be conceived from scratch. The basic concept of the author behind the creation of the software has remained to generate reports in an "easy to use format", incorporating those numerous astrological principles which has been told by our ancient seers but could not be utilized by modern day astrologers due to their sheer complexity. The calculation algorithms were progressively refined after repeated tests on the real life incidents. Vjyotish's performance perfected through constant feed-backs from its users.


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