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"I think you have done a great job. You have done a wonderful analysis of the day. Your effort is most commendable and useful for a discerning astrologer."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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For whom Vjyotish is useful?

Do you care to plan every next move in your life?

Whether it is business or romance or travel or gambling or an important meeting.

If answer is "Yes",  then, Vjyotish is certainly useful to you.

Don't you wish, when you are having a rough day that you had not scheduled the important client meeting for that particular day. When you are planning a grand party for all your friends and get up feeling miserably uneasy and wished you had planned it for some other day.

Vedic astrology lets you measure the quality of your time. It lets you utilize your time more judiciously. You may have taken the plunge into sea when tides were against you, and you got hurt. But then, you hesitated to enter it again even when tides were favourable. 

Vjyotish is a premium Vedic-jyotish product designed for those who care to measure the quality of their time. It is an essential tool for those who has big stakes dependent on "Time". Vjyotish lets you plunge into the sea with more confidence. It is an invaluable aid to your decision making process. Vjyotish can help you astrologically by offering a daily planner where you may not only choose the best day for any particular activity, but also avoid the bad days for those important meetings or even plan for that very important date to make you love life work!

Vjyotish is used by thousands of people around the globe belonging to various professions and occupations. Even simple housewives find it immensely useful. The list of life-aspects, which can be astrologically analyzed through it, makes it impossible for anybody to deny its usefulness for him (or her).

However, a much smaller section of people in this world, who, by their own conscious efforts, can create complete new fortune indexes for themselves. Truly, they are the masters of their own destiny. These are the people who bring about changes in this world. For them, the Vjyotish is redundant because they already know the answer. If you don't belong to this section, we'll say "It is a must for you".


As you know, an opportunity rarely knocks the same door twice. Winners are those who are well prepared and identify the "opportunity knocks" on their doors.

see example

Just remember, winners don't do different things. Instead, they do things differently. Vjyotish helps you in identifying opportune moments of your life so that you can act differently and grab those moments to take their full advantage.

see example

Vjyotish indexes immediately prompts you to a process of introspection and gives you a better insight. That is why- it is indispensable to you.

On analyzing the occupational profiles of our customers, we found that highest percentage of them belong to following professions or occupations:

* Corporate heads and senior executives

View the detailed occupational profile of the Vjyotish users. Also listed are the purposes and the "most used" Vjyotish indices by them. Compilation is based on feedbacks received from our customers.

* Entrepreneurs and businessmen
* Financial analysts
* Financial intermediaries like stock brokers, traders and forex-dealers
* Investors- having serious interest in stock markets
* Gamblers, casino goers, lottery buyers

Besides the above professions, several of our customers are high ranking politicians, film stars, models, administrative officers, shop keepers, house-wives and even the farmers.

Whether knowledge of astrology is necessary?

Vjyotish has been designed in such a manner that anybody, with absolutely no knowledge of astrology, can use it with complete ease. All the necessary astrology parameters are predefined in the program for answering the several hundred most often asked questions. You have to choose only the questions from the menu, you need to get answered. Rest of the complicated work is done by Vjyotish and you are presented with precise answers in the form of "indexes".

However, if you have astrological background, it doubles up as an ideal research tool. For details, please check "Features & facilities" section and read Para "Create your own tailor-made indexes".


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