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"Excellent, convincing attempt to fill the void of predictive astrology and transits. No system  till date can even remotely compete with it. Wonderful !"

Dr. Amitabh Varma (D.M. Neuro)

Hony. Consulting Physician to The President of India

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Profession, Occupation & Money matters in Vedic Astrology

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"There is no satisfaction of desires, even by a shower of money. One is wise to know that desires are painful, bringing little enjoyment."


Vedic Astrology is an ancient behavioral analysis and forecasting system. It employs a diagram of the positions of the planets relative to the earth and sky based on the time and place of a person's birth. This is known as the Birth chart or the Natal Chart. An astrologer reviews this chart to find information about an individual's disposition and character, strengths and weaknesses and may foretell events in a person's life.

Astrology helps people make right decisions. Astrologers can help you understand whether the astrological signatures indicate a slump or a surge and what might be the anticipated duration of either one so you can take the most advantage of a positive period.

astrology report by "Rishi". Excellent, fully comprehensive astrological profile designed specifically for those seeking to discover their true vocation or career.

for personal growth Augusta Finch. The One Year Forecast is a profound and detailed, in-depth yearly horoscope providing valuable insight into the meaning of planets currently transiting your birth chart. This excellent astrological report is a MUST for those seriously seeking success, wisdom, self-knowledge, and personal growth. 50 - 70 pages. Available also for Six Months.

We simply provide intelligent, quality, in-depth, detailed reports designed to help you achieve success in your life and inspire personal growth.

Our astrology charts are created uniquely for you based on your birth details. Precise calculations for your astrology chart are done by computer, while the in-depth astrological interpretations are written by leading astrologers.

Each astrology chart and personalized horoscope from Astro Energetics is beautifully printed on fine quality paper, and spiral bound in an elegant booklet. An astrology chart makes a truly valuable gift for yourself, or for someone you care for!

Your Career Path personalized horoscope will also show you the current influences affecting your career and the way in which you express yourself. Practical suggestions are offered as to how you can adapt this knowledge to the present day career marketplace.

Your Career Path report deals extensively with the following:

Which are your "wealth-giving" planets?

Assessment about the nature of your profession/Occupation

Is your fortune awaits you in your own country or out of country? Would you be able to earn the income from beyond the confines of your motherland?

Whether you should remain in your “Home town” or at a distant place from home?

Which relation(s) may be helpful in your earning of source of income?

Which Direction is suitable from ‘Profession’ point of view?

Determination of specific directions for a particular type of business?

Which policy you should normally adopt in your life? (Chanakya, the great Indian philosopher told four types of policies - "Saam", "Daam", "Dand" or "Bhed") ?

What caste's servants/ sub-ordinates should be employed or should not be employed for peace and prosperity of your organization?

Whether Business or Service or Professional career or other miscellaneous occupation (such as Agriculture) will be suitable for you?

Would “partnership” will be a suitable proposition? Or, should you consider an “association” instead ? Or, you should work totally independent?

What Nature of Occupation will suit you – the one which requires cleverness, skill, practical
behaviour, mixing nature etc.; or the jobs which requires patience, stability of mind, peace, tolerance etc.

Whether you are good for jobs where intelligence and mental energies are needed, or to jobs involving more physical labour, or to jobs involving Consultancy and Literary pursuits.

Whether you will be stable in your occupation or will frequently change your occupation?

Would you like the works accomplished by your physical efforts or through your mental efforts or you’ll  like the works which gives pleasure to your sole?

Whatever you can earn through your own thought process or somebody else should contribute in your professional planning?

Should the occupations which keeps you continuously on “Move” be preferred or should you opt for such occupations where you require least movement?

What may be the sources of your wealth ? Would you earn by self-efforts or would get wealth from mother, brothers, friends, women etc.

Would you rise to unthinkable professional heights or will not be able to achieve or sustain it?

What will be your status in a particular career.

Would you undertake “Foreign travels” for the purpose of occupation/profession?

The factors for business:
Is the business will be suitable occupation for you ?

Skill in business (wealth accumulation), Stability in business or Frequent changes in business and instability in earnings,
Will be aggressive. Will bid higher in auctions but only for losses , Progress and honesty in business, Fortunate and popular in business

Should you invest or speculate in stocks ?

The timing of events:

The “Timing of fortune” and the projected periods of gains & losses.

The periods of sudden gains or sudden losses ?

Occupation related various astrological combinations present in your horoscope

The Quantum & quality of results


Your earning capabilities, accumulation of wealth, source of economic sustenance, level of wealth, means and mode of operation of business or individual venture, bearings on the past Karma,  the rightness of conduct in life including compound fate at a given moment in life, Modes of earnings, fulfillment of all worldly desires, capability to overcome all                        impediment  created
by lack of resources, opponents and diseases, expenditures, investments.

Skills and Talents
The Substance of Your Ideal Career
Your Creative Touch
Your Work Environment
Individual Strenghts Being Developed Now
Your Financial Considerations
These are common questions astrologers encounter nowadays. Using the technique of transits and progressions, the Career Path personalized horoscope describes in detail your vocational aptitudes, and your natural talents and abilities.

This is a wonderfully practical and extremely useful astrology report suitable for anyone seeking their true vocation. A truly excellent gift for yourself, a family member, or a friend!
23-30 pages. Beautifully printed in a fine spiral edition.
Sample of professional report

Professional Report
Generated on Friday, December 22, 2000

Name               xyz xyz  
Date of Birth    Monday, February 28, 1944
Time of Birth    05:00
Place of Birth  Jalpaiguri, INDIA  

Astrology and Profession

The summary of the Professional Profile has been made on the basis of the planetary configurations of your natal birth chart.

Vedic Astrology is an ancient behavioral analysis and forecasting system. It employs a diagram of the positions of the planets relative to the earth and sky based on the time and place of a person's birth. This is known as the Birth chart or the Natal Chart. An astrologer reviews this chart to find information about an individual's disposition and character, strengths and weaknesses and may foretell events in a person's life.

Astrology helps people make right decisions. Astrologers can help you understand whether the astrological signatures indicate a slump or a surge and what might be the anticipated duration of either one so you can take the most advantage of a positive period.
Your Future Graph

In this section, we give you professional ups and downs for the next 12-months computed by our unique prediction technique called 'Karma Index'. Professional values represent the average strength of planets during a particular month. These are the planets, which have direct influence on your professional success.

If the average professional value is greater or equal to 5(five), it means the planets are extremely favorable for you professionally during the particular month. Whatever efforts and initiatives you will put in your professional field are likely to yield excellent results.

If the average professional value is greater than 1(one) or less than 5(five), then your efforts are likely to yield medium or average success.

If the average professional value is less than 1(one) and some time it can even be negative, it means there will be obstacles/delays and unexpected problems. You need to be cautious and should not be unduly proactive. Extreme prudence and caution is necessary during that particular month.
Next 20 years

In this section, we identify the best periods, moderately successful periods and also the worst periods in your professional career for the next 20 years. These periods are computed by our unique predictive technique of 'Karma Index', and should be considered as your 'astrological signatures' only. The purpose is to alert you before hand, so that you can optimize your efforts to maximize your success when the signature is positive and to minimize the damage when the signature is negative. You should not draw any fatal conclusion from these signatures. Your actual results will depend 75% on your efforts and only 25% on these signatures.

It may happen that there may be no dates under any of the 3 headings of Best Periods, Moderate Periods and Worst Periods. It means that during next 20 years the conditions that determine these kinds of periods do not exist in your birth chart.

However, while calculating the astrological signatures over the next 20 years, we have not considered your longevity or the age up to which you will remain professionally active. To get answers to these questions, please order our Complet

Best Periods in next 20 years

 Start Date

 End Date















Moderate Periods in next 20 years

 Start Date

 End Date









Worst Periods in next 20 years

 Start Date

 End Date







Ranking of Professional Core Competence
In this section, we compute the positive influence of planets, which contribute towards your success in a specific functional area in your professional career. The scores computed for each functional area are then ranked. The specific scores are computed from your natal chart. This will give you a clear guidance about your functional core competence.  


 Executive Function


















 Creative Function



 Human Resource






 Research And Development









 Public Relation








Strengths and Weaknesses
From your natal chart, we have identified the planets, which are going to influence your professional career. From this set of planets that affect you professionally, we have further identified the strongest and the weakest planet.

The strongest planet will give the most positive influences in your professional career. The interpretation of its influence should be considered as the best possible scenario in your professional life. The strongest planet will also determine your professional motivation.

The weakest planet creates the maximum negative influences in your professional career. The interpretation of its influence should be considered as the worst possible scenario.

The actual results will depend on how effective you are in maximizing the positive influence and in neutralizing the negative influence through your own efforts.

There is also a degree of effectiveness of both the positive and negative influence. It will be unique for your natal chart. For your guidance, we are also mentioning the degree of effectiveness for both the strong and weak planets. This should guide you through the conscious efforts that you must make to maximize your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses.

You may find that there is a contradiction between the interpretation of strength and weakness. Not every aspect of the predictions of the strengths and weakness may affect you personally, all the time. Nor do the positive influences and negative influences neutralize each other. The degree of effectiveness tells you how much effective the strong and weak planet will be in your life.

The strong and weak planet will not be effective simultaneously. There will be periods in your life when you will be under the influence of the strong planet. There will also be periods when the weak planet will call most of the shots in your professional life.


Strong Planet : Venus ( Degree of Effectiveness = 55 % )

You have natural empathy with beauty and esthetics. You relate to everything which is a product of beauty whether in form, color, sound or outline. Building relationships is your strongest point. People, irrespective of their sex, will get attracted towards you. By nature, you will be kind, generous and sympathetic. You are highly intuitive and will be able to perceive situations, and respond to it even where there are no external manifestations. You are reliable and trustworthy and people will depend on you. You will be a great peace maker and arbitrator in a dispute. Both parties will rely on your sense of justice and fair play. You are tactful and diplomatic. In daily affairs, you will be practical and level headed. Your decisions will be balanced and will weigh all the pros and cons. You are an excellent team player.

Occupations Most Suited: Artist, musician, dancer, actor, poet, singer, creative writer, counselor, diplomat, lawyer, money handler or manager, beauty consultant, silk and fabric merchant, cosmetician, perfume dealer, marriage counselor, jewelers, florist, clothing/fashion designer or dealer, social director, luxury car salesman, expert in leisure activities, hostess.


Weak Planet : Saturn ( Degree of Effectiveness = 43 % )

You are a fatalist. You have no set goals, no definite life mission. You may have strong negative forces governing your attitude towards life and towards your profession. Such negative forces make you captious, cantankerous, carping and negligent. You may not hesitate to resort to fraud, trickery, imposition and deception, usurping the position of others, stealing name or fame under compelling circumstances. You have a constant feeling of antipathy, fear, mistrust and suspicion towards others. In relationship to others, you may appear to be an arrogant, irresponsible incompetent and a hypocrite. You will procrastinate and will be averse to take any decision or to take any action. hat can be put off today, will be put off for tomorrow. In difficulties, you will rarely take steps to improve the situation by your own efforts. Instead you will beg, importune and implore others to take you out of your difficulties. As a result poverty and misfortune will always follow you.
Professional Motivation

In this section of professional motivation, we identify the positive influences of planets, which are going to shape and drive your efforts to achieve professional success.

Among planets, Venus is known as Venus the Unifier. You unify the physical with the emotional; the body with mind and spirit. When such an unification is complete, the result is love and beauty. Your professional motivation or core competence lies in creating love and beauty. The other name of this is 'Kriya Shakti' or 'Kriya Yoga'. This is the spiritual creation on the mental plane. It is defined as "the mysterious power of thought, which enables it to produce external; perceptible, phenomenal results, by its own inherent energy". All esthetic professions like performing arts, art and literature , cinema, TV, video are the natural professions of people with strong Venus. Architecture, fashion design, business of perfumes, toiletries, jewelry and all articles of beauty are your areas of excellence. Graphic designs, animation, beauticians, models, airhostesses, interior decorations even sex workers are professions of Venus. Your other core competence which helps you to build relationship can make you an excellent sales person or liaison agent. Outstanding research work, new product development will also demand the excellence of Venus. As a Venus personality, you can effortlessly create wealth. As you climb up in your professional ladder, you need the services of people with strong Mars and strong Mercury. Mars people will help you to execute and implement your creative works on a large scale. Mercury people will help you to communicate with the market about your skills, talent and your products and ideas.


Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras offers a timely aphorism for all ages. "Avoid the danger which has not come yet". Vedic Astrology offers us a map to guide our life and gives us an analytical time profile of our behaviors to help us understand what compels us to act. Vedic Astrology helps us determine what inherent traits to promote and which ones to target for self-improvement.

As a final note, astrology does not replace an individual's responsibility to decide for himself or her, which is best for them. Astrology can only tell us about the absence or presence of certain tendencies. We may use this information as a tool to form our own decisions and take our own actions. Armed with his knowledge, we can forward joyfully in our lives, anticipating the best and averting the rest.

We hope this insight into your Professional Life helps you do just that.

We wish you every happiness and prosperity in your efforts.  


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