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The desire to predict the future is one of the characteristics of mankind. Everyone is continually making predictions, for every decision one makes involves a prediction. Most predictions made in the normal course of every day living have a high degree of accuracy because they are short-term, such as, making a luncheon or dinner engagement. The tremendous advances in science and technology have even made it possible for a person in New York to safely predict that he will have dinner in London or Hawaii that same day. Basically, it is experience which makes prophets of each of us. Most predictable events have become common knowledge, while others are known only to the specialists in a particular field. Thus man lives today in a world of predictions which have a high degree of probability for their fulfillment.

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The dictionary defines "prediction" as the art of foretelling the future. Astrology is a science to read the geometrical patterns formed by the heavenly bodies. It had been developed in the same way any other scientific knowledge is derived, namely by observation of uniformities extending over a sufficiently long period, and the inference from such uniformities of a general law.
Astrology, properly defined, is the science of the relationship of man and his celestial environment; it is the accumulated and organized knowledge of the effect on man of the forces reaching the earth from surrounding space. The hypothesis of astrology are consistent with a vitalistic cosmogony. In this respect the astrological concept is much more modern than the astronomical.

Here, we are trying for scientific exposition of the influence of heavenly bodies on various matters. The chief aim of these pages is to show that the same laws of the planetary influence can be equally employed in forecasting matters related to a country, the rise and fall in prices of commodities, stocks and shares. No doubt, to foretell the market fluctuations, is a far more difficult task than the foretelling of events accomplished by the ancient astrologers. Nevertheless, it is possible by examining the records of the market prices in bygone years, and comparing them with the then relative positions of the planets, to formulate an empirical law by which we may predict that when certain celestial configurations shall recur certain effects on the market.

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The stellar influence in human life and in all mundane affairs is now an undeniable fact. The astrological laws have stood the test of proof and anyone who cares to study the subject with an open mind will find that he is dealing with immutable laws, not fanciful imaginings. Astrology is at a stage where it can speak for itself in the hands of any capable exponent. Check the following pages on various Indian and Global matters:

Financial markets

The most ancient and most wonderful of all sciences, the Astral science, has beyond doubt established the truth that there is a strong connecting link between human events and planetary configurations, and that the rise and falls of the commercial and stock markets may be traced to certain planetary positions and aspects and are periodic. Wars, revolutions, political changes, new treaties of commerce, bad or good harvests, etc., may occur to decrease or increase the activity of trade.

80 percent of market trends are caused by fluctuations in investor psychology - fear, excitement, greed and over-optimism. The question is- Whether investor psychology is measurable ? The answer is 'yes'. Check the following pages on various markets:

"The human conduct includes aspiration, greed, intemperance, 
fickleness, etc., which traits are governed by endurance; 
endurance is governed by exterior forces which fluctuate in rhythm 
and tempo as constantly as the Sun in its journey through the heavens."

J.M. Funk  
"Scientists today cannot look down on astrology; instead, they must raise their eyes to take in the higher horizons that astrologers have preserved for them. Astrology is one of the most important fields for scientific research to-day, and one of the most neglected."   ---  John J. O' Neill (Pulitzer Prize Winner),  Former Science Editor of "The New York Tribune"

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