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W.D. Gann

The legendry astro-trader who used Indian Astrology for his trading decisions.

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"Predictions of many financial advisors, statesman, historians and other proclaimed experts are seldom better than the predictions of the astrologers."

Edward R. Dewey

(President of The Foundation for the Study of Cycles)

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Intraday forecasts
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The desire to predict the future is one of the characteristics of mankind. Everyone is continually making predictions, for every decision one makes involves a prediction. The dictionary defines "prediction" as the art of foretelling the future. Astrology is a science to read the geometrical patterns formed by the heavenly bodies. It had been developed in the same way any other scientific knowledge is derived, namely by observation of uniformities extending over a sufficiently long period, and the inference from such uniformities of a general law.

Economic activities are peculiarly concerned with the future; forecasting is of the essence of such activities. Scientists today cannot look down on astrology; instead, they must raise their eyes to take in the higher horizons that astrologers have preserved for them. Astrology is one of the most important fields for scientific research to-day, and one of the most neglected.

The rise and fall of prices is governed by the law of Supply and Demand, which in turn is governed by a law in the Universe, hitherto unknown or ignored, known as the Law of Action and Reaction. Periods of business prosperity and depression are not man made nor the result of chance; they come at regular intervals, the same as the seasons, and the same astronomical laws which govern nature, govern man and all man's activities. When this fact is recognized, man will work in harmony with the forces of nature and not blindly against them.

Greed and fear were the two levers by which men are controlled. The human conduct includes aspiration, greed, intemperance, fickleness, etc., which traits are governed by endurance; endurance is governed by exterior forces which fluctuate in rhythm and tempo as constantly as the Sun in its journey through the heavens.


Thought of the page

"The Ultimate Test of All Formulae Must Lie In Prediction"

- Dr. D. Justin Schove

Despite all the computers and all the fundamental and technical analysis, investor psychology is still the most significant factor in market behaviour. Actually, so-called technical analysis is simply an attempt to measure and evaluate on a mathematical basis, the psychological condition of the market.

Forecasts available for

Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.
(Performance of overall index, individual stocks and industry sectors)

Metal and minerals
Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Aluminium, Crude-oil and many more.

Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Ground-nut, Mustard (also, other oil-seeds), Menthol, Silk, Jute, Jeera,  Wheat,  Red-chillies, Black-pepper,  etc.

Currency pairs

U.S.Dollar / Indian Rupee
U.S.Dollar / Euro
U.S.Dollar / Jap. Yen
...  and many other pairs

 Others markets
Many other markets which are not covered under above categories (like lotteries).

Sports, Horse-racing
Various sports have not remained simply "Sports" today. Outcome of matches involve huge amounts of money.

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