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W.D. Gann

The legendry astro-trader who used Indian Astrology for his trading decisions.

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"Men in business are constantly obliged to consider the future. In fact, their prosperity is dependent chiefly upon their ability of successfully foresee economic developments"

Dr. David F. Jordan


Daily closing

Forecast of all popular Currency pairs through Sarvatobhadra Chakra based single master table
Intraday forecasts
Reversal dates
Ind. Rupee / US Dollar

Economic activities are peculiarly concerned with the future; forecasting is of the essence of such activities. The very essence of economics is that it is a study of human behaviour, of the life of man, and basically of the 'mental' life of man. The gift of prophecy has never loomed large in the endowment of economists, whether lay or professional. Thomas W. Lamont (of J.P.Morgan & Co.) once said - "The forecasts of the wisest economists or business men are, at best, mere guesses."

The stellar influence in human life and in all mundane affairs is now an undeniable fact. The astrological laws have stood the test of proof and anyone who cares to study the subject with an open mind will find that he is dealing with immutable laws, not fanciful imaginings. Astrology is at a stage where it can speak for itself in the hands of any capable exponent.
The chief aim of these pages is to show that the same laws of the planetary influence can be equally employed in forecasting the rise and fall in prices of commodities, forex, stocks and shares. No doubt, to foretell the market fluctuations, is a far more difficult task than the foretelling of events accomplished by the ancient astrologers. Nevertheless, it is possible by examining the records of the market prices in bygone years, and comparing them with the then relative positions of the planets, to formulate an empirical law by which we may predict that when certain celestial configurations shall recur certain effects on the market.

Therefore, do not let the "tyranny of words" becloud your use of one of the best tools for keeping your head above water in the troubleous times that lie ahead. The astrological tool developed by us has been derived by the application of the Vedic astrology principles in a scientific manner, and is destined to become an important part of the new science of Astro-Economics.


An intellectual's opinion

"Scientists today cannot look down on astrology; instead, they must raise their eyes to take in the higher horizons that astrologers have preserved for them. Astrology is one of the most important fields for scientific research to-day, and one of the most neglected."

- John J.O'Neill
Pulitzer Prize Winner 
and former Science Editor of "The New York Tribune"

Despite all the computers and all the fundamental and technical analysis, investor psychology is still the most significant factor in market behaviour. Actually, so-called technical analysis is simply an attempt to measure and evaluate on a mathematical basis, the psychological condition of the market.

Forecasts available for

Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.
(Performance of overall index, individual stocks and industry sectors)

Metal and minerals
Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Aluminium, Crude-oil and many more.

Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Ground-nut, Mustard (also, other oil-seeds), Menthol, Silk, Jute, Jeera,  Wheat,  Red-chillies, Black-pepper,  etc.

Currency pairs

U.S.Dollar / Indian Rupee
U.S.Dollar / Euro
U.S.Dollar / Jap. Yen
...  and many other pairs

 Others markets
Many other markets which are not covered under above categories (like lotteries).

Sports, Horse-racing
Various sports have not remained simply "Sports" today. Outcome of matches involve huge amounts of money.

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