The forbidden time for travel.



Highest degree of precision in Yama-Ghantak timings:

Vjyotish-exl provides you highest degree of precision in Yama-Ghantak timings. The Yama-Ghantak is calculated exactly for the desired geo-graphical coordinates, using precise Sun-rise and Sun-set timings of concerned location itself. Remember, Yama-Ghantak calculations are primarily based on correct determination of Sun rise and Sun set timings.

Sun-rise and Sun-set calculations as suggested in our ancient Vedic scriptures:

The Sun-rise and Sun-set timings are calculated for the “Middle of Sun-disk”, as suggested in our ancient Vedic scriptures. Many almanacs ('Panchangas') and astrology softwares are found using Sun-rise and Sun-set timings for the “Edge of Sun-disk”, which is basically wrong and error in shown timings for Yama-Ghantak may be up to several minutes.

Provision for “Day Light Saving Time” (DST) adjustments:

In some regions of the globe, watches are moved ahead by one hour during summer months. It is called 'Day-Light Saving Time'. The DST gets adjusted in all shown timings (like, Sunrise, Sunset, Muhurta start and end timings) of the concerned date.

In-built global geographical coordinate database (atlas):

Program comes with huge in-built geographical coordinate database, consisting of almost all Indian and US cities and towns. Besides that, at least, capital city of every country on this globe is included in the atlas.

Facility to enter the geographical coordinates manually:

Program offers facility to enter and save the geographical coordinates of concerned place manually also.

Automatic adjustment of all timings according to the “Standard Time zone”:

Program picks up “Standard Time zone” (the difference from Greenwich Mean Time) and geographical coordinate of specified location automatically. All shown timings are adjusted accordingly. You have the facility to alter the time-zone values manually also, if needed.

You need not to enter your location every time:

Your previous choice of location (and geographical coordinates) is automatically saved as “Default location” for the next run. You need not to enter your location every time.

The Yama-Ghantak table can be printed:

The Yama-Ghantak table can be printed for a series of dates for future reference.