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"I am sure that the future offspring of this timely marriage between computer and astrology would be truly illustrious and prolific. They would revolutionize the utility of astrology and usher in a new era of meaningful computer astrology."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny-Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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Types of reports generated by Vjyotish -exl

People call it - "The Future of Astrology"

Rarely would an astrological report generate such curiosity, awe and anticipation like ‘Vjyotish-exl”. And justifiably so. It is a high performance Jyotish-report developed with extreme passion - which aims at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance through ancient Vedic principles applied with precision to your own horoscope.

How it can help you?

You will find 'Vjyotish-exl' going much beyond from just claiming the accuracy in planetary longitudes, making various horoscope charts and related tables, calculating several types of dasas etc. etc. It is a tribute to the great Indian heritage of mystique sciences which aims at deciphering the astrological signatures present in one's chart in the same way as a true learned Indian astrologer would. Principles told in various streams of Vedic Jyotish has been programmed very carefully and the importance of various astrological parameters has been calibrated strictly as per ancient Vedic Jyotish texts, as far as possible.

The various reports may be broadly classified in following three main categories:

The program provides you exhaustive 'How is your day today' reports, intricate interpretive reports, in-depth suggestive reports and several free astrological utilities of universal interest.

The Daily Astro Graphs
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Natal Chart based "Static reports"
[Paid section]

Free astrology tools and utilities reports of universal interest
[Free section]

Read- How it can help you?

Download it for
several Free astrological utilities

View rate-list and place your order for customized reports listed under "Paid Section"



Besides viewing the sample pages on this website, you may also download and install "Vjyotish-exl" on your system. The program would run in "demonstration mode" initially and you may create all reports on your own system - but for a sample person, till you order it for customization. However, you would get a bonus in the form of "Free Astro-utlities" section when you install the program. This section contains some very precious Vedic astrology utilities.

The daily Astro graphs


This section is truly a revolution in the utility of astrology beyond imagination, where, some of the 'best and unique uses' of real and meaningful astrology may be found to get highly customized daily predictions, as unique as your finger prints, for various areas of the life. Reports aim at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance, in everyday endeavours, in the areas of his/her specific interests. The Vjyotish indices give excellent results while finding turning points. The experience shows that there are sudden turns in a particular life-aspect when there are extreme changes in Vjyotish index values.

Vjyotish indices may be used while taking a vital decision of your life, negotiating a business deal, to view career and occupation outlook for the day, to find out lucky days for lotteries, gambling and horse-racing, to gauge astrological suitability of the day for trading in stock-market, forex and commodities ..... and for hundreds of other things.

Go to "General usage examples" section for more details. A look at the occupational profile of Vjyotish users will also provide you an insight that how you may use it in your own profession or occupation.


Natal chart based "Static reports"

This section includes various customized interpretive, predictive, suggestive and remedial reports. One report tells about most benefic and malefic planets in your chart determined through intricate Vedic principles. Another report provides summary results of various planetary-periods during your entire life-span. Yet another reports creates a table showing effects of nine planets (quality wise and quantum wise) on various areas of your life during their designated periods. The suggestive and remedial reports include determination of suitability of various astral gems and colors, the eight directions and syllables etc. Another report is about the best time to begin treatment or taking loans.

Many of the reports in this section are poised to make new grounds in Vedic Astrology and would be found most useful by Jyotish scholars as well as common man. They use a sort of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for interpreting a chart, based on ancient Jyotish classics. The innovative concepts used in these reports would contribute to the restoration of pristine glory of ancient Vedic Jyotish.


Astrology tools and utilities reports of universal interest

Though, Vjyotish-exl is not a free product as such, but it incorporates a very useful 'Astro-utilities and tools' section, which may be freely used by anybody through simply downloading and installing this program.





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