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"I am sure that the future offspring of this timely marriage between computer and astrology would be truly illustrious and prolific. They would revolutionize the utility of astrology and usher in a new era of meaningful computer astrology."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny-Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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Free Astrology tools and utilities in Vjyotish -exl

Vjyotish-exl incorporates a very useful FREE "Astro-utilities and tools" section, which may be used by anybody through simply downloading and installing the program.

Chaughadia muhurtas

Chaughadia Muhurtas are the quick Vedic Jyotish method of finding out the intraday auspicious timings to commence or initiate important works - like starting a new venture.

Rahu-kaal - The inauspicious time

Certain times of the day called "Rahu Kalam", which is believed to be an ill-omened time period of the day. During this time frame one should avoid any auspicious action such as investments, business transactions, asset purchases, journeys, relationships, meetings and medical treatments.


The "Gulika-kaal" is a period of approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes duration every day of the week. This time duration is ruled by Saturn. This period is considered to be inauspicious to start any important work. However, "Gulik Kala" is considered a good period to undertake new projects.


The 'Yamaghantak-kaal'is a period of approx. 1 hr and 30 mts duration every day of the week. This time duration is ruled by "Yama", The God of Death, and therefore, is considered to be inauspicious to move for any travel. Any new project or venture undertaken during "Yamaghantak Kaal" is not successful. However, work already in progress is not affected.

Planetary hours ("Hora")

Each planet governs certain hours of the day. They will give their main results at these times. Auspicious planets in your chart will give good results during their hours; inauspicious planets will cause difficulty.

Vedic Ascendant, Vedic Nakshatra, Vedic Moon Sign, Naamakshara, Sun-sign.

Know your Vedic (Sidereal) ascendant, tropical (Western) ascendant; the Vedic Moon-sign (Chandra-rashi); Janma-adyaakshar/ Janmaakshar (birth-syllable), Western Sun-sign etc.. etc., through program's "Free astro-utilities" section.


Matrix of planetary aspects (Speculum)

You can create a matrix of planetary longitude difference between all planets for given date. You can opt to use Tropical ('Sayana') zodiac or the Sidereal ('Niryana') zodiac. The reports can be can also be saved as text file.


Calculate primary root number of name spellings

 Vedic Numerology is the study of the planetary rulership through nine primary numbers. It is based on the vibratory resonance of each number. Absolutely everything is based on etheric vibration, the higher the frequency, the more force it contains. Calculate your name's Chaldean primary root number.

Daily Vedic (Sidereal) Ephemeris

View Vedic planetary longitudes for given date, the 'Tithi', planetary motion (direct or retrograde) and the nakshatras currently being transited by planets.


Program path:   Main-menu Astro Utilities

There are certain Jyotish principles, specially in 'Muhurta' (electional astrology) section, which have universal application and, in several parts of India, they are religiously followed since ages. The 'Chaughadia Muhurtas' , 'Rahu kaal', and 'Planetary-hora' are three such examples.

Vjyotish-exl provides you free utilities to calculate these (auspicious/ inauspicious) timings, plus, 'Gulika kaal' and 'Yamaghantak' for any place on this earth, with ultra high precision. Also, you may calculate ascendant (Rising sign), Vedic Moon sign, Nakshatra (constellation) and your name's starting syllables. One of the utility provides you facility of calculating primary root numbers for various names /different spellings, as per ancient Chaldeans (Kabbalah) method. Another module lets you create a date-wise matrix of planetary longitude difference, showing all major aspects, between the twelve planets. One of the module provides you Daily sidereal ephemeries (Vedic zodiac), 'Tithi', and the nakshatras currently being transited by various planets.