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"You're right when you say "It's the only bookmark on astrology one ever needs". The more I use it, the more I like it."

Renato Ferreira de Souza

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Some general usage examples in daily life

Vjyotish is used by thousands of people around the globe and each one of them has his own priorities and objectives in life. Vjyotish is capable of providing astrological guidance in the areas of their specific interest.

View the occupational profile of the existing Vjyotish users and get the clue how they are using it for different purposes.

The program provides astrological indices of almost everything in the life - which you can think of. In fact, many of our customers feel that it provides too vast a horizon to explore and one really needs patience and time to fully utilize the Vjyotish potential (read one such opinion).

However, we have identified some common areas herein below - in which many of the Vjyotish users remain interested. BUT, we again wish to remind you that it is not the complete list of innumerable usage, of which the program is capable of. You must go through the 'Features and facilities" section, as well as "The list of indices" section.

You may discover some very useful astrological indices (at least for you), which we might have omitted on this page.

Is the day suitable for taking a vital decision of your life?

Suppose, you are going to take a very vital decision about your life, career, investments, family or about any thing which is significant to you. It is extremely important that your overall congenial mental vitality is in good shape on the very day when you are actually involved in the process of weighing the pros and cons of your decision. If your level and range of intelligence, power of judgment, discrimination power and rationality is not up to the mark on that particular day, your decision may land you in trouble.

Vedic Jyotish can do it for you on day to day basis. When the value of concerned Vjyotish indices are positive- your mind remains in peace. You are careful, sound and logical. You have judicious mind with penetrating insight. Possess self-confidence, a lot of common sense and can make quick and incisive decisions. You analyze and criticize all sense impressions with care and will rarely operate on impulse. When these indices are negative- your mind is confused, impulsive, impatient and undiscriminating.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Is the day suitable for negotiating an important business deal?

When two persons negotiate a deal between them, they are, in fact, involved in a sort of psychological war. The stronger one is able to get a beneficial bargain due to his better capacity for communication and arguments. The Vjyotish index of your bargaining power compares your psychological strength, business-tact, diplomacy and your capacity to affect others over your counterpart. Therefore, it indicates your successes and failures in your business negotiations and trading activities. While entering into a business deal, you must also check, astrologically, your power of judgment, steadiness of your mind, discrimination power and rationality. The positive values in the index of financial gains will strengthen the possibilities of turning the deal into a profitable one. Be cautious when index of fear of deception & fraud is negative. Negative values in obstacles index will indicate not so smooth sailing through the deal.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

What is the career and occupation outlook for the day?

It is helpful to think of career success separate from the money earned, as success is not limited to material gain. A person could be held in very high esteem in his career field and not be the biggest success in the money department. Also, the slice of the career pie will often determine the earning potential. Of the three factors involved in vocation (career, money and work environment), the career itself has the most public impact. Here is where reputation is built, here is where one gains authority in one's field, and here is where ambition can be fulfilled. Positive values in Vjyotish indices, shown below, indicate comprehensive 'Career success' and not just monetary gains. Negative values will indicate falling monetary gains, deterioration in reputation and work environment.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

How is your passion profile for the day?

Love and its corollary Sex, are the corner stones of a balanced emotional life. In this section of Vjyotish indices, the stellar influences on this important aspect of your life are explored and analyzed, on day-to-day basis, to determine how you manifest your attitude towards sex and love, and the astral signatures of your subliminal sexual drive and the endurance patterns are identified. In Astrology, every planet has a basic nature in the realm of love and sex, just as every House, in relation to the Ascendant, has an effect on some aspects of our lives. Among other things, the 5th house rules romance, the 6th house indicates sexual desire; the 7th house stands for marriage, the 8th for genitalia and the 12th house rules over sexual fulfillment. The natures and inclinations of the planets located and transiting in those houses in your horoscope are analyzed to chart your own daily passion profile.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Wish to find out best dates for journey?

The Vjyotish indices may help you in testing various journey related elements for whom you should check the astrological indications. When you plan to undertake a journey, you must, first of all, ensure that Vjyotish index of "Fulfillment of goals and aspirations" is showing positive values. If index of "Comforts of conveyance" is positive- your journey remains comfortable also - no vehicle break-downs and no delayed flights. Check index of "success from long journeys" or "success from short journeys" (whichever is applicable).

You should avoid traveling during night when concerned Vjyotish index is negative. Take extra pre-cautions if you have to travel while index of "fear of accidents/obstacles" and/or index of "possibilities of injuries" is showing highly negative values.

See Diana's car accident at Paris

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Wish to find out your luckiest dates for buying lotteries?

The Vjyotish report is short, simple, and very powerful. It clearly indicates your luckiest days when odds will be in your favour, and the unluckiest days as well. Look for a day when your 'General fortune' is favouring you, natal chart is indicating some sort of 'wind falls', specific Jyotish combinations for identifying 'Gains through lotteries' are indicating this sort of monetary gains, your 'over-all prosperity' is also on a positive note and divine indications are towards any type of 'financial gains'. As many indicators are positive, as strong becomes your chances of winning on a particular date. The size of the win or 'pay-out' depends on the strengths of your transits at that time, as well as, naturally, your birth-chart promises.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Are you involved in speculative trading (stocks, forex, commodities or metals)?

This is the most important index group for the persons who speculate in the markets - be it stocks, forex, commodities or any other market. During the periods of positive index values in majority of the indices, you possess a strong and piercing intelligence and show trading genius. You can make quick and incisive decisions but without operating on impulse. The luck favours unexpected wind-fall gains. The gains are higher than the efforts that you 
are actually putting.

When most of these indices are negative- your mind is confused, impulsive, impatient and undiscriminating leading you into dangerous actions in the market. Your gains will not be commensurate to your efforts. You may be faced with all types of calamities and losses in speculation.

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Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Do you wish to visit casinos when Lady Luck is smiling on you?

Vjyotish is the most popular astrology report among casino goers and gambling enthusiasts. Reason is very simple. It clearly indicates "How is your day today?". In test cases, it's prediction accuracy rate has been found up to 80%. 

If you are not a compulsive gambler, you can plan your days when to gamble (and when not to gamble).

See a real life test

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Do you wish to check your socio-political profile for the day?

You may occasionally wish to check - how you project yourself on a public level- your initial and general appearance to the world at large on a particular day. Vjyotish gives you an astrological over-view how you interact with society, what impact you make upon others on a given day. It measures your mark upon the world and tells whether the masses will have love or hate for you. When the concerned indices are bearing positive values, you possess a charismatic and a dominating personality. You are in harmony with collective trends and enjoy popularity, prestige, fame and power on a public level. You get easy recognition and acceptance among the masses. Your social consciousness remains strong. People tend to take you seriously. Negative index values may bring you false allegations through the masses.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

How is your family life and relations with various family members?

Each of the twelve houses in a natal chart represent some of our relations and family members. The Ascendant (first house) is the significator of the self in the chart. The Second house represents family as a whole ('Kutumb'). The Third house is the house of younger brothers and sisters. The Fourth relates to our mother. Fifth house is traditionally the house of children. The Seventh is well known as the house of the partner- the wife in a man's chart, the husband in that of the woman. The Ninth is the house of the father while the Eleventh signifies elder brothers & sisters.

The values of concerned Vjyotish indices represent the algebraic sum of astrological signatures of the lord and significator of the concerned houses as well as the planets which are transiting in those houses of your natal chart.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Is the day suitable to tackle your professional or legal opponent?

In the unpleasant situation of handling an opponent, be it in your personal life, profession or a legal battle, you need to judge - how you weigh astrologically against your opponent? How properly you would be able to judge the criticality of the situation? Would you be able to take appropriate decisions and moves with a steady mind? It will be still more helpful if your 'index of capacity to face stiff opposition' and 'index of valour, prowess and courage' are also showing positive values. In case, there is an accross the table negotiations with your opponent, the 'index of success in negotiations' provides you useful indications.

It would be prudent to check 'index of favour of luck' also, which is one supreme factor which can over-shadow everything else some times.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

How your health remains today?

In Vedic Jyotish, each part of our body is governed by a planet, constellation, sign or house. When the concerned planet transits with astrological signatures which are unfavourable to us, or, concerned constellation gets afflicted due to transit of natural and functional malefics through it, or, concerned sign (or house) gets afflicted due to transit of natural and functional malefics and it's lord and significator planets are also weak themselves; probability of health problems, related to the body parts represented by that planet, constellation, sign or house, increases.

The concerned Vjyotish indices provide you a comprehensive astrological view of your health in above context so that you may avoid impending problems by taking appropriate health precautions. 

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Which colours are suitable for you today?

There are some colours which will normally suit (or does not suit) you through out your life. Vjyotish finds out such colours (best and the worst) for you through most intricate Vedic Jyotish calculations. However, there are occasions in life when foes become friends and friends become foes (though temporarily). Sometimes, most unsuitable colour may be most suitable on a particular day (and vice-versa). Vjyotish provides you comprehensive colour suitability report, for each date, specially customized for you only.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

Which numbers are suitable for you today?

This report is based on purely Vedic Jyotish methods. Do not confuse it with numerology or Western astrology. Each single core number, from 1 to 9, is represented by one of the planets. This report calculates the beneficence value of each planet for your chart - on daily basis. For larger numbers, reduce them by adding the digits together until the sum achieved is one of the core numbers. Merely add the components of the larger number together (repeatedly, if necessary) until a single digit results. Though, a number may be found most suitable in your natal chart generally, but it is not necessary that the number is also suitable on a particular date. Same way, a most unsuitable number may be found suitable on certain dates.

Click here to view a sample date-wise Vjyotish report

For some useful tips and tricks related to program functions and facilities, please click here.


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