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In our normal life, we tend to view a problem from several angles to assess all the related aspects in a better perspective. Our multi-cornered approach brings us answers for various facets of that problem. When we put together all these answers to get a consolidated view, we are in a better situation to tackle the problem. The basic idea behind this exercise is to cross-check an eventuality from several possible angles.

This section of the program displays values of various "Related Vjyotish indices", for a single date at a time, to enable you in having a bird's eye-view of astrological signatures concerning various involved issues which must be looked into while you are seeking the divine guidance with a specific object in your mind. The report is on daily basis. Values of as many indices are in "Excellent", "Good" or "Fair" zone, you may expect as good results in that area of your life, and vice-versa. It analyzes a question from various related perspectives to gather corroborative astrological evidences and presents a more clearer picture than it would have emerged if we would have analyzed only one main Vjyotish index of concerned issue. The greater the number of evidences in a particular direction, the greater is the probability of that event. ()

The analyzed date is shown at the top of the screen. The results may be saved/printed to a text file also. Use
"Print" marked push button, provided at the bottom of the screen. The report will be saved to a text file and would be shown in a Notepad window. For viewing results of next date, push "Next>" button and for going to previous date, push "<Prev" marked button. For going directly to a particular date, of past or future, you may use option "Change date" also. For viewing today's results, use option "Today". To return to previous menu, press push-button "Stop" (or press "Esc" key).

 (You may exit the program through "Main-menu" only).