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The Art of Conceiving (with the help of Vedic Astrology)

Mantras-The Power of Sound in Vedic astrology


The mysteries of selecting a suitable astral gem

Jyotish researches and research articles
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Cinema-astrology - the key for ensuring success of films
Checking the "Mangal-dosha" ("Kuja-dosha") - the technique to measure the exact intensity of dosha in a birth-chart
Significations of the 12 houses in Vedic Jyotish

Past-incident analysis

Diana - The crucial night at Paris
The death of Rajiv Gandhi and the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi (a transit analysis)
Columbia space shuttle disaster and Ashtakvarga
Black Jasper - a detailed case study on applicability of Vedic numerology on pets
US Presidential Elections 2004 (Prediction through "Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Chart" technique)
Real-life case studies on relevance of Vedic numerology

Jyotish methodologies and tools

Ashtakvarga - The crown jewel of Vedic Astrology
The "Pancha-pakshi Shastra"- A golden key for ensuring success.
Sarvatobhadra-chakra : The mysterious chakra of ancient Jyotish
Chaughadia muhurtas - A quick Vedic method of finding intra-day best timings to improve chances of success.
"Bhrigu-Bindu" - The mysterious system of 'Nadi Jyotisha'
Rahu-kaal - The dreaded inauspicious time
Gulika-kala - The inauspicious time ruled by Saturn
Yamaghantak - The forbidden time for travel
The Planetary hours - Mastering the art of Timing!

Financial astrology

Introduction to business astrology
Ashtakvarga and financial astrology
Unique success story of predictions about stock-markets
The greatest man that ever walked Wall Street
Application of astrology in the Games of chance


Yantras - The potent tools of occult science
The Mangal-dosha (or "Kuja dosha" or "Bhauma dosha")


Real Astrology - Defined and Explained
Some Do's & Dont's while with an astrologer
"Vjyotish index" - an innovative concept
And Time goes on ..
Horoscope of Maharaja Agrasen

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