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The key for ensuring success of films

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1. To decide suitable date for film-release, check vedhas in Sarvatobhadra-chakra for film-name. If vedhas are auspicious on release date, film will be a success else it will face hurdles of sorts.

2. To take muhurta-shot, check vedhas in Sarvatobhadra-chakra for film-name/ producer name. Also check Panch-pakshi.

3.Panch-pakshi system is a great boon in fixing dates for song-recordings etc. If the singer is in "Dying state" or "Sleeping state", he/she will not be able to perform as better as he/she is capable of. Same principle applies to many other areas of film making.

4. Decide film-name very-very carefully. A wrong name may generate negative vibrations. Vedic numerology (don't confuse with general "Numerology", inspired from western astrology, as seen on TV etc.)


Examples of successful films of Amitabh-Bachhan with astrological analysis.

Fortunate and Lucky Names for the Films and TV Serials

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