The time of conception is very important and should be carefully planned


The Art of Conceiving
Conceiving a "virtuous child" with the help of Vedic Astrology





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Sexual union, pregnancy and reproduction of human species are the essentials on which the world exists. Sexual union should never be based upon simple sense gratification. The time of conception ("Garbhadhaana") is very important and should be carefully planned.

The value of time is inestimable. All objects in nature are produced in "Time", developed in "Time" and destroyed in "Time". The truth of these statements requires no further proof. It stands unchallenged. Time has got it's own properties. Creative, protective and destructive forces are embedded in the womb of time. If there could be a tool, which can give us a clue as to when the various kinds of creative and destructive forces are in operation, it would be of great help. A person can time his efforts to do the right thing at the right moment so that his activities are in harmony with the laws of nature.

Fertility and conception Astrology

We offer some highly personalized reports related to conceiving a virtuous child

Best dates for nuptials - Conceiving a virtuous child

Best intra-day time slots for conceiving a virtuous child

Best dates for conceiving a Son / Male child

To understand it further, just see that there is a time to sow and a time to reap. Why not we do the sowing operation during the harvest season? Nature would be against us. During the sowing season, creative forces are in operation. When an important activity is to be undertaken, destructive forces have to be screened off. Thus, the time of conception (Garbhadhaana) is very important. The birth of Ved Vyaas, the great scholar and the author of Mahabharata is believed to have been the culmination of a union at a time when planetary positions were conductive to produce a philosopher. Each moment has got its own potency.  The moment at which we elect to do an important act is not certainly an insignificant epoch.

Carl Jung says
"Whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time".

Sexual union, pregnancy and reproduction of human species are the essentials on which the world exists. Sexual union should never be based upon simple sense gratification. There is sacredness about sexual functions, and when moral and spiritual considerations are not respected and brought into play, the result will be most unsatisfactory and all sorts of undesirable progeny would be the products of promiscuous cohabitation. Maharishies have given us clues as to how best we can make use of the grand constructive vibrations operating in nature if our endeavors are to be endowed with success.

For those who are not much adept in astrology, the simple formulae for the birth of a dutiful, intelligent and virtuous child, a couple should try for conception (Garbhadhaana) keeping in mind that:


The constellations (Nakshatras) Shravana, Rohini, Anuradha, Swati, Revati, Moola, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapad, Shatbhisha are highly favourable for nuptials.


The constellations Pushya, Dhanishta, Mrigshira, Ashwini, Chitra, Punarvasu are ordinary


The rest of the constellations are to be rejected.


At the time of nuptials, no planet should occupy the 8th house.

If one is adept in astrology or has a keen desire to explore the mysteries of this science, then Ashtakvarga system should be applied for much finer results. Ashtakvarga is a branch of Vedic Jyotish which fell into disuse due to laborious and error prone calculations involved. But with the advent of computers, Ashtakvarga has become the subject of modern times. Our ancient sages never advocated for a "son" - but for a "virtuous son". All their astrological wisdom has been applied so that an intelligent and dutiful son could be born to a couple.

Ashtakvarga system needs that date chosen by the couple for nuptials should confirm to the following set of conditions simultaneously:


Jupiter must have minimum 4 auspicious points (more, the better), on that day, in his own Ashtakvarga.


Jupiter should be in a kakshya of such lord who is a contributor of these auspicious points.


The kakshya lord for Jupiter should neither be an enemy ("Shatru") nor a bitter enemy (Adhi-shatru) to it. Better will be if the kakshya lord is best friend ("Adhimitra") of Jupiter. 


The sum of auspicious points for all seven planets, on the required date, should be more than 30. 


If a male child is desired, Jupiter should be in a male planet's Kakshya. Male planets are Jupiter, Mars and the Sun.


If a female child is desired, Jupiter should be in a female planet's kakshya. Female planets are Venus and the Moon.


When Jupiter is in the Kakshya of Mercury or Saturn, those dates should be avoided because these two planets are eunuchs.


Jupiter should be transiting in a sign which is strong in native's Sarvaashtakvarga.


Sun should be transiting in a sign having highest auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtakvarga.


For precise timing during the chosen day, sexual intercourse should be during the period, when a sign is rising containing highest number of auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtakvarga. Conception is most likely to take place at this time.

One should also use "Chaughadia muhurtas" to ascertain auspicious intra-day timings. If efforts for conception takes place during a good "Chaughadia muhurta" within the chosen date, specially the "Amrit chaughadia", it would ensure the well-being of the foetus during pregnancy. Childless couples may please note.

However, if one is unable to calculate dates with such precision and confirmation to all these sets of conditions, at least one can plan conception during a month which coincides with the Sun's transit in the sign having highest auspicious points in Jupiter's Ashtakvarga. Classical texts say that a virtuous son will be born out of this conception.

All this exercise in choosing a proper date and time for the purpose of conception will ensure that all possible good cosmic vibrations are centered such that the energy generated would nullify all other unfavourable factors and enhances the chances of success of the effort. A person is thus enabled to remove, neutralize, counter-act or overcome the evils indicated by his/her horoscope. Horoscopy is diagnostic. It merely points out the ills but prescribes no remedies. Suppose evil planets in the fifth house indicate loss of children. Then, proper timing of consummation, when ethereal currents released from the planets are so powerful as to minimize or modify the afflictions to the extent that the birth and survival of at least some children may be ensured. Proper timing of efforts helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past Karma to a considerable extent.

The modern architects have adopted the ancient science of  Vaastu-Shastra in recent times due to its efficacy. Why not gynecologists and obstetricians can utilize this science of astrology? They can effectively guide their patients in a meaningful way and enable them to bear 'virtuous and healthy child' instead of bearing a "physically healthy child" only. Their ultra-sound machines can indicate physical deformity only, of a to be born child, and that too, without any remedy. The science of astrology is preventive too. One must be advised to sow in the proper sowing season only.

These complicated calculations of Ashtakvarga has now become quite easier with the use of computers in this field and application of Ashtakvarga principles by a person in his/her daily life is now quite possible. Computer softwares "Rishi" & "Vjyotish", developed by the author of this article, dedicated to Ashtakvarga system, can calculate and report for all these conditions on daily basis for any individual's horoscope. Such type of useful softwares indicate the emergence of an era when prospective parents will get and prefer such type of astrological report as soon as they get married.

In fact, such reports are a boon to the doctors dealing with fertility problems. In most of the cases of infertility, a remote possibility of success still remains. Therefore, perhaps 'under-fertility' is a better term. Such type of micro astrological reports can guide the doctor for the proper time when probability of success of treatment is highest.

Some times Gynecologists and Obstetricians are requested to perform the caesarean deliveries on particular hours of a particular day on the advise of astrologers. Such 'timed' cesarean deliveries are unethical as it interferes with the course of Nature and medically hazardous too. Better will be if conception is 'timed' and not the delivery.

Another useful report

Know Intra-day Golden moments to ensure success in your efforts:

We have designed another very useful report which suggests some dates and intra-day time slots - when the couple is most likely to succeed in their effort to conceive naturally. Nuptials on suggested dates and during suggested time-slots for the purpose of conception will ensure that all possible good cosmic vibrations are centered such that the energy generated would nullify all other unfavourable factors and enhances the chances of success of the effort. Wife and husband are thus enabled to remove, neutralize, counter-act or overcome the evils indicated by their respective horoscopes.. 

The best possible dates (for the purpose of conceiving), during the considered duration, are suggested as per wife's horoscope, considering the cumulative beneficence levels of her 5th house, 5th lord and the Jupiter (the "Karaka" for children). The Fifth house is traditionally the house of children. It represents our capacity to have children. This report is primarily based on Ashtakvarga transits in wife's chart.

The exact intra-day time slots, for all dates during the considered duration, are suggested based on Husband's birth-data. Normally, it is man's vitality, which matters most in this matter. Therefore, we suggest the exact timings when husband's vitality will be at the best possible, increasing the chances of wife's pregnancy. This
report is based on "Pancha-pakshi shastra".

The mysterious "
Pancha Pakshi Shastra" is a unique system of Vedic astrology, propounded by ancient Tamil Siddha Saints thousands of years ago, which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life. The system is said to be 'unfailing' as it is based on natural laws of five elements ("Pancha Mahabhutas") combined with 'Astro Stellar' force of each individual. It's extra-ordinary utilities lies in providing you the precise knowledge of your strength and weakness for a particular hour of a particular day. One should try to conceive during his/her strongest moments to ensure success.

Better Prospects Dates for Conceiving a Male Child

Due to personal circumstances, some couples need progeny of a specific gender, mostly wishing for birth of a male issue.

Hindu mythology provides us with a rich foundation for understanding and appreciation of the cosmic interplay of polarities. Classifying principles for various planets into male and female allows for an easier and yet deeper interpretation of an astrological chart. As per traditional Vedic Astrology, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are considered masculine planets; Saturn and Mercury are considered neuter or transgender; Moon and Venus are considered feminine planets.

In this age of science, it is a common knowledge that Men determine the sex of a baby depending on whether their sperm is carrying an X or Y chromosome. An X chromosome combines with the mother's X chromosome to make a baby girl (XX) and a Y chromosome will combine with the mother's to make a boy (XY). Men usually have one X and one Y chromosome, while women have two X's. This means that women can only make eggs with an X chromosome. But men can make either X or Y sperm.

When masculine planets (Sun, Mars and Jupiter) are stronger in their Ashtakvarga transit in husband's chart, Y chromosomes are more active in his sperm. It increases the chances of fertilization of wife's egg with Y chromosome bearing sperm, which would result in making wife pregnant with a male foetus.

Astrology can help you fulfil your wish of having a Son. We offer an astrological report which mentions your Better Prospects Dates for Conceiving a Male Progeny.

The above article was chosen to be published by "Asian Journal of Obs & Gynae Practice" and was published in it's Sept-Nov.1998 issue. Even the editorial of this issue made a special mention to the above article. It was the first astrology article getting published in a highly technical medical journal.