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Stock market forecasts

Stock Compass

An unique personalized astrological planner & guide for keeping your head above water in the stock markets.

A must for all stock market players
whether a beginner or a professional

What is "Stock Compass" ?

Stock Compass is a personalized astrological report, in software form, based on your own birth-data. It gives you the horoscope interpretations and predictions on your own personal computer. You just need to have a PC with Windows-95 / 98. It is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of stock market people.
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How Stock Compass powers you?

It's a pioneering concept

"Stock Compass" is a pioneering concept of personalized astral guidance for picking the suitable stocks and date wise astrological predictions, for the very first time in the history of astrology, by quantifying the key astrological parameters. Horoscope predictions are presented with mathematical precision. It is an exhaustive "How is your day today" report through micro astrological calculations, giving you the quantum, time and type of the expected results, in a unique, easy-to-understand, graphic format, based on our original and innovative "Index" concept.

What does it take to create it ?

Eight men-years, abundance of innovative ideas and,  above all, the passion. Only such wealth of investments could create an astrological experience so rich, rare and unique. Here's a report designed to take your expectations to a new high. Only an extravagance of astrological expertise and passion for excellence could culminate in something so evolved.

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It is geared towards altering your views on astrology

Rarely would an astrological report generate such curiosity, awe and anticipation like the Stock Compass. And justifiably so. After all, there is unlikely to be another high performance Jyotish report with such brilliance and passion. Incorporating the 'Ashtakvarga' base, planetary strengths, their inter-personal relations, their transits through various sensitive points in a horoscope, the operating "Vimsottari dasa" and much more, with stunning integration of all these, to churn out the magical figures for the indexes. Offering features unmatched by any astrological software. All perfected and tested on various real-life incidents so that it takes every imperfection of the real world in its stride.

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How Stock Compass will power you?

'Stock Compass' incorporates several tools and personalized reports for those who wish to use this astral science for their financial decisions. It really doesn't matter that what your level of experience is, amateur or professional. Any investor can hone up and fine tune his planning ability, re-orient his strategies and re-allocate his resources, with it's help.

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You can download fully functional "Stock Compass", with the personal data files for a sample person. You will be able to evaluate all the features of this software prior to ordering it for your own horoscope. Several financial astrology tools are available to you free-of-any cost with the download.

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What is Stock Compass
Stock Compass

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How Stock Compass powers you?