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Stock Compass

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(version 04.01)

It's not a demo software. It is a complete functional program. Only the data files are for a sample person.

Thanks for opting to try Stock Compass. From this page, you can download "scinstal.exe"  which is the installation file for "Stock Compass". The download link is also available on this page just a little down below.

Initially, this program will work as evaluation copy to let you assess it's complete features without having you to buy it. You can not input your own birth-data yourself in this software. The software will run for a sample horoscope till you order us to personalize it for your own horoscope.

Once you decide to buy your own personalized Stock Compass, you do not need to download this software again. Just order us for receiving a small file from us to personalize it to your own birth-data.

The price-list for various modules is available on the order page.

All software upgrades are normally free to you. You can download new versions from time to time from this page. Your old personal data files will generally remain valid with the new versions also.

Run "scinstal.exe" after download. The Stock Compass will be installed in the "C:\Vjyotish" folder. User's manual, as a MS-Word (.doc) file, will also be available in your C:\Vjyotish folder.

After installation, please click  "Stock Compass" icon on your desktop or run "vjstock.exe" - available in your C:\Vjyotish\ folder.

Click following links to download Stock Compass or to order your own personal data files:

Download Stock Compass

 Order personal files

The scinstal.exe is 3.18 MB file (approx.)

If you are having problems downloading the program, please just try again- if it says something like "page not found" or "part of the file missing". It has worked hundreds of times, so it is probably just a temporary glitch with your or our ISP. 

Otherwise, please mail us with any comments, suggestions or feedback. Thanks.
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