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This is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we are asked about "Stock Compass".

However if you do not find the answer to the question you would like to ask us please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you as best as we possibly can!


What "Time of birth" has been considered for a corporate horoscope and why?

What is your concept behind determining Stock's harmony with a person's birth chart?

Stock market is full of investors who complain, "Everything is going up, except my cats and dogs". Why should this happen ? Many years ago, a retired Vice President of one of the world's largest bank gave the following formula for picking stocks:

"'Buy only those stocks whose natal chart harmonizes with your own natal chart.'

To determine this harmony of a particular stock with your own natal chart, we have employed established principles of Vedic astrology, used since ages in India, to gauge harmony between two horoscopes. 

The corporate horoscopes are generally calculated for mid-day. It is a standard practice all over the world. The 'date of incorporation' of a company or the date of 'First-trade' in it's stock is generally recorded, but the time is seldom known.

This is due to this reason that '"Stock Compass"' considers corporate Moon chart, and not the Ascendant chart, erected for the mid-day of the event. There are very remote chances that Moon chart gets changed within a few hours of time. While analyzing a corporate horoscope, only those astrological factors are considered which are not 'Ascendant based'.

How do you collect the corporate birth-data?

The program has more than a thousand horoscopes in it's database, of most of the prominent companies, Indian as well as U.S. . The birth-data of these companies has been compiled from very authentic sources. Those companies has been left out, of whom, we could not procure this data from a very reliable source.

To draw the Company horoscopes, one of the following dates has been used:

1. Date of incorporation
2. Date of re-organization of the company
3. Date of 'First trade' in it's stock at a premier exchange

Do you employ only Vedic astrology (Indian astrology) principles or also use Western astrology methods?

We have also used the Western astrology concepts in this report. But remember, we have not 'mixed' the Western astrology with Vedic astrology. Instead, it has been 'added' as a separate report and final results modified accordingly.

Which Corporate horoscopes are available in "Stock Compass"

To view the list of corporate charts available in "Stock Compass", please click here ...



When will I receive my personal 'Stock Compass" and how?

The "Stock Compass" can be downloaded just now. However, you will be able to run it for a sample person's birth-chart only till you receive data files prepared for your own birth chart. We will send you the necessary data files by email within 3 days of your order and you will be able to run "Stock Compass" for your own birth-chart thereafter. 

We place great importance on your satisfaction and are very much interested in your opinion. If you do have any comments or suggestions concerning your astrological report you can contact us.

Where can I examine a sample?

To see a preview of "Stock Compass", you have two options. 

The first option is to download fully functional program from our site with a sample person's birth data and run it on your own personal computer.

The second option is to visit "Sample Reports" page to preview most of the reports, without downloading the "Stock Compass".


What about client confidentiality?

We regard all personal information and birth data as wholly confidential and refuse to divulge your information to any third party.

If I am not a specialist in astrology, can I still request "Stock Compass"?

Absolutely and without any problem ! Our goal is to provide you with fully comprehensive information regarding you and your astral configuration which means that you will not have to wade through reams and reams of technical data in order to get to the information which you need. Our reports are efficient, complete and professional which means that all technical terminology is thoroughly explained and concerns exactly your particular report. Our reports are well written and are clearly understandable, offering you the astrological information you request supported by thoroughly explained techniques and in a language which will help you interpret and use your report easily and efficiently.

This FAQ did not answer my question. What should I do now?
Many of you will wish to write to us personally, in this case please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready and more than willing to listen and help you with your particular query.

What is a Horoscope ?

A Horoscope is the symbolic interpretation in form of a table (format changes from country to country as well as culture to culture) for the placement of planets in the zodiac for a particular place at a particular time and day.

Its equivalent would be a snap shot of the sky at the same specified time of birth.

Since the system of Indian Astrology recognizes the heavenly bodies in our solar system while taking the rest of the constellations and galaxies as reference points in relation to the planets, we judge the strength of the planets based on the constellation they are moving against.

For the purpose of uniformity we fix the point rising on the Eastern Horizon (called the Ascendant) so as to read the charts with constant values for judgement.

A horoscope would be exclusive to you hence an individual character and destiny for all living beings.

When running Stock Compass, I am receiving the message - "Image and picture files not found! Download and install images and pictures also."  How should I do it? 




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