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Stock market forecasts

Stock Compass

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A most valuable astrological tool in your hands for scheduling the critical financial decisions in day-to-day life.

Stock suitability report (Individual stock)
Does the natal chart of a corporate entity is in astral harmony with your's ? Match your horoscope with that of more than a thousand company horoscopes.

Available for Indian and NYSE listed companies

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Shortlist the companies astrologically compatible
This report lets you shortlist the companies astrologically compatible rather than having to go through a number of them to find one. The report can be prepared on several astrological parameters, as primary consideration, to rank various stocks. This report can be had only when you are permitted to access all corporate horoscopes in program database.

Available for Indian and NYSE listed companies

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Vjyotish indexes to help you judge ..
The Vjyotish Indexes captures the bullish and bearish periods of your life and clearly identifies all the different turning points. These indexes are date wise astrological conclusion, in precise numerical terms, by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters.

These indexes lets you assess your 'astro net-effect' of the day, your sense of judgement, the steadiness of your mental faculties, how beneficially you will be able to bargain a deal, how the financial gains, sudden fortunes and windfall gains are indicated in your horoscope, during the day.
Positive values in a index shows positive results and vice versa.
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The day's overview in a nut-shell
This report shows your day's astral values, as a graph, in a comprehensive manner. It's like a bird's eye-view of your astrological profile in relevance to the chosen field. There are some groups of indexes and each of these groups consists of several astrological indexes within them. This report also enables you to compare various Vjyotish indexes in respect to each other.
There are several such reports in the program.
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Blank for future reports .....

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Financial astrology related reports
This section is a complimentary addition to this program for the benefit of all financial astrology students. Just download "Stock Compass" and create these reports.
Daily speculum between transiting planets
It is a matrix of planetary longitude difference between all planets for each date falling between two permissible dates by the program. The matrix shows difference of longitudes in numeric terms and the major aspects formed between. You can opt to use 'Sayana'  ephemeries or the 'Niryana' ephemeries (which are obtained after deducting 'Ayanamsa' of that date from 'Sayana' planetary longitudes). 
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Daily speculum with corporate natal chart 
This report is a matrix of longitude difference between 12 transiting planets and the natal planets of a company (selected by you), for dates falling between two permissible dates by the program. The matrix shows the major aspects formed between two sets of planetary longitudes in the form of legends. The company can be chosen from program database consisting of several hundred corporate horoscopes.
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Daily Vedic ('Niryan') planetary position of the 12 planets
The report gives date-wise planetary positions for all the 12 planets, including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The 'True' position of Rahu & Ketu are shown (instead of 'Mean' position shown in most of the "ephemeroids). All calculations are as per Vedic Astrology methods using 'Chitrapakshiya Ayanamsa'. The 'Tithi', planetary longitudes up to 'Seconds', motion (direct or retrograde) and the nakshatras currently being transited by planets are also shown, side-by-side.
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