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Wow, what a program! Everything one could envision in a program is here. There is clearly no other program like it. If you are interested in showing this program at the yearly American Vedic Astrology Symposiums, I can put you in touch with the head of the group. I think you would be the major talk of the event. ..

Currently I own two wonderful jyotish softwares but they do not offer the predictive power that you are developing with Stock Compass and Vjyotish - I believe you are the one computer jyotish pioneer in this matter and I look forward to a long relationship with you. .

I am going back to explore your more than wonderful software...

Wishing you all God's blessings.    

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

D.Sc. (Ayurvedic Medicine & Research)
Author of "Ayurveda Encyclopedia"
Founder of the Ayurveda Holistic Center, New York

I downloaded your program for the demonstration. Thank you for making this available. I appreciate all the work you put into it and all the possibilities it offers.  

David Cicia


On the face of it the software appears to be the result of a tremendous effort with a lot of potential. .... Congratulations once again on your effort. ...   

Anshumalee Sood

                                                                     M.Tech (I.I.T. Delhi)
                                                                          Jyotish Acharya
                            Publisher of "Vedic Astrology" bi-monthly journal

A laudable effort. A valuable value addition to trading techniques.  

Amitabh Chaudhary

Technical Analyst, Orbis Securities, New Delhi

Looks like you have really worked very hard. the concept is
definitely appreciable and useful. ....  yes, this is exactly what i was looking for. The format is very nice .... 

Mahesh Gowande

Financial astrologer
Webmaster - http://www.stockzodiac.net

A laudable effort to be studied & applauded by every intellectual who has some faith on astrology. 

Amit Bhatia

Aar Vee Fincap P. Ltd., Muzaffarnagar

Keep up good work, hope your complete site will develop soon.

Parvez Daruwala

Indianapolis, IN , USA

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