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What are Vjyotish indexes?

"Excellent, convincing attempt to fill the void of predictive astrology and transits. No system till date can even remotely compete with it. Wonderful." 

Dr. Amitabh Varma (D.M. Neuro)
Hony.consulting physician to
The President of India

"Vjyotish index" is a unique tool, developed by us, based on Vedic Astrology principles. It quantifies the benefic and malefic influences of each planet in precise numerical terms. It is unique in that it combines the effects of different planets and houses and can integrate the effects of different planets with respect to each other. It is also unique that it integrates the natal effects of planets with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner, compared to very difficult progression techniques of Western astrology or 'Dasha Vichaar', or 'Varshaphal techniques' of Vedic astrology.

Further, Vjyotish indexes are a dynamic model for astrological predictions, whereas, all the other techniques, mentioned above, are essentially a static model which depends on the horoscope at a specific time, be it the natal chart or the yearly chart or monthly chart.  Since the planets are in perpetual motion, a dynamic model is always preferable over a static model.

Further, it is a totally integrated close loop system, where the effects of all the planets are simultaneously considered. It is universal and internally consistent and it also is least dependent on an individual astrologerís judgment. This is because the astrological parameters are very well quantified.  

"Stock Compass" can create following Vjyotish indexes to help you judge on daily basis:

Suitability of a day for speculative actions

Suitability of companies (check base size & health)

Suitability of various industry sectors

Suitability of companies (check base 'Sound of name')

How the financial gains are indicated on a day?

How the lady luch favours you for sudden monetary gains?

How your power of judgment will remain?

How much bargaining power you will be commanding?

Your day's overview in a nut shell

Your "astro net-effect" of the day

How steady your mind will remain?

Is there any indication of wind falls during the day?

Is the day suitable for "buying" or "selling" astrologically?


* Background and technical explanation 
* The actual look and feel of the Vjyotish indexes
* How to interpret the VJyotish indexes 
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