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Explanations of various Vjyotish indexes

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How your power of judgment will remain?

This index is extremely important strategic tool to indicate your overall congenial mental vitality. It relates to your 'Power of Judgment', 'Intelligence Quotient' and 'Sense of Discrimination'. This index captures your basic intellect on day-to-day basis.


It is a psychological index, per se, which monitors how creatively you are utilizing your knowledge. It signifies your level and range of intelligence, diplomatic qualities, management skills, sense of discrimination and stability of mind.


When this index is positive, your mind remains in peace and your mental faculties are conductive for taking vital investment decisions. Avoid the negative dates when you'll be prone to becoming rash and impulsive. The decisions during the negative dates may prove to be dangerous for your financial health.

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* What are Vjyotish indexes
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