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'Swarodaya Shastra' is one of the almost lost Vedic Astrology methods which has it's detailed descriptions in our ancient" scriptures such as 'Rudrayaamal'. 'Vishnuyaamal', 'Shaktiyaamal, 'Samarsaar' & ‘Narpatijayacharya'.


The sound of the first letter of commonly spoken name makes the base of predictions under this method. Remember to consider 'commonly spoken name' and not the actual name which may be different also.


For example, suppose we are looking for harmony with 'The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd.'. Here, first word 'The' sounds as 'da'. But, the company is normally identified in the market as 'G.E.Shipping', where the starting sound of 'G.E.' becomes 'ja'. The positive values in the index of 'ja' should be sought.

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* What are Vjyotish indexes
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