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Explanations of various Vjyotish indexes

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Suitability of companies 
(check base size & health)

The various companies can be broadly classified to seven groups taking into account their size and health. When choosing stocks, astrology can be a tremendous help. Sometimes, it may be a "very small company" which has better harmony coefficient with your natal chart, while, at other times, it may be a "Big & diversified company". At times, you find that investment in a "Profit making company" yields you returns while, sometime, it's a "Loss making company" which turns out to be a money-spinner for you. It is not always that an established old company with better P/E ratio and Reserves bring you a cheque. It may be a totally new company, without any reserves, which proves to be a dark horse for you.


These indexes provide you a quick and effective method to determine the suitability of size and other such criterion about a company. These indexes will change as planets move around the zodiac. The companies has been categorized in the following seven groups:



Very small companies with minimum reserves
* Small companies with handsome reserves
* Small companies with very little reserves
* Middle sized companies with optimal reserves
* Relatively new companies, centre of attraction, with proportionate or big reserves
* Big and diversified companies with healthy reserves
* Loss making, big sized companies with minimal reserves

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* What are Vjyotish indexes
* Background and technical explanation 
* The actual look and feel of the Vjyotish indexes
* How to interpret the VJyotish indexes 

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