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Explanations of various Vjyotish indexes

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How much bargaining power 
you will be commanding?


When two persons negotiates a deal between them, they are, in fact, involved in a sort of psychological war. The stronger one is able to get a beneficial bargain due to his better capacity for communication and arguments.


The index compares your psychological strength, business-tact, diplomacy and your capacity to affect others over your counterpart. Therefore, it indicates your successes and failures in your business negotiations and trading activities.


The positive values indicate that you remain strong in comparison to your counterpart. You will be able to strike better business deals through your intellect, mental prowess, capacity to project your will on the 'other' and your overall communication effectiveness. When the index is negative, refrain from negotiating the deals.

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* What are Vjyotish indexes
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* The actual look and feel of the Vjyotish indexes
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