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Stock market forecasts



Stock Compass

Astral suitability of 
various stocks for you

"Buy only those stocks
whose natal chart
harmonizes with your
own natal chart."

Stock market is full of investors who complain, 'Everything is going up, except my cats and dogs'. Why should this happen? Many years ago, a retired Vice President of one of the world's largest bank gave the following formula for picking stocks:

"Buy only those stocks whose natal chart harmonizes with your own natal chart."

To determine this 'harmony' of a particular stock with your own natal chart, we have employed established principles of Vedic astrology, used since ages in India, to gauge 'harmony' between two horoscopes. The horoscope may be of two persons, cities, countries or stocks.

The Vedic Astrology principles applied

This report is based on astral comparison between two horoscopes - the first is yours and the other is of the corporate entity, which you have chosen to test the harmony.
The principles used are quite different from the principles of 'compatibility analysis' between two persons. However, some applicable principles has been retained.

The report takes cognizance of the Rising sign, Moon sign, Nakshatra & Ashtakvarga of both the horoscopes. It verifies the relationships between planets and Lords of houses. It also compares different relevant houses in two horoscopes. The Ashtakvarga methodology is extensively used. Analysis as per 'Sound of name' is done based on the principles of 'Swarodaya-Shastra'.

'Investment Time Frame' suitability

The suitability of a stock has also been calculated from the 'Investment Time Frame' point of view. If a stock has proper basic suitability with your horoscope, check whether it is suitable for 'Long term investment', 'Short term investment' or for 'Speculative activities'.
This check is based on comparison of astrological parameters between two natal charts and is 'horoscopes specific'. That is why, the same stock may be 'excellent' for 'Long Term investment' for one person while it may be 'poor' for another person for 'Long Term'.

If 'Basic suitability' is absent, ignore this check and avoid that stock.

The Western Astrology principles also employed

We have also used the Western astrology concepts in this report. But remember, we have not 'mixed' the Western astrology with Vedic astrology. Instead, it has been 'added' as a separate report.

A famous British astrologer, born in 19th Century at Leeds, explained a method to determine the favourable and unfavourable aspects formed, with due weightages assigned to them, between one's natal chart and the Company's natal chart. If the sum of positive aspect values are greater than the sum of negative aspect values in the speculum, the concerned stock can be considered favourable. If the negative aspect values are more than the positive aspect values, it would be better that one should avoid the particular stock.

The available horoscopes & data reliability

The program has more than a thousand horoscopes, of most of the prominent companies, Indian as well as U.S., in it's database. The birth-data of these companies has been compiled from very authentic sources. Those companies has been left out, of whom, we could not procure this data from a very reliable source.

To draw the Company horoscopes, one of the following dates has been used:

 1. Date of incorporation"
 2. Date of re-organization of the company"
 3. Date of 'First trade' in it's stock at a premier exchange"


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