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Stock market forecasts

Stock Compass

How it powers you?

Millionaires do not use astrology. Billionaires do.
- J.P. Morgan

How Stock Compass will power you?

'Stock Compass' incorporates several Vedic and Western astrology tools and personalized reports for those who wish to use this astral science for their financial decisions. It really doesn't matter that what your level of experience is, amateur or professional. Any investor can hone up and fine tune his planning ability, re-orient his strategies and re-allocate his resources, with it's help.

# Step-by-Step directions for enabling you to learn the art of being on right side of the market.

# Lets fine-tune trading strategies to help you on the road to success.

It lets you know ...

Whether the natal chart of a corporate entity is in astral harmony with your's? Match your horoscope with that of more than a thousand horoscopes, of most of the prominent companies, in it's database. Buy only those stocks whose natal chart harmonizes with your own natal chart. 

It also lets you check ... Whether a stock is astrologically suitable to you for 'Long term investment' , 'Short term investment' or for 'Speculative' activities'.

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It lets you find out ...

Is the day suitable for speculative actions? How suitable various Industry sectors are on a day? How suitable companies of 'Names', 'Size' & 'Health' are? Does the day indicate financial gains? Are you destined to have sudden monetary gains? How good your sense of judgment will remain? How much bargaining power you'll be commanding? Is the day suitable for 'Buying' or 'Selling' ? Such date wise analysis is done through a innovative method called "Vjyotish indexes".   Read more about it ...

Stock Compass gives you several other intricate reports..

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Stock Compass

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