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Specialty lies in "Timing of events" and "Quantification techniques"


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Shyam's specialty lies in the timing of events and birth-chart analysis concerning career, occupation, marriage and relationship related subtle issues. He has also developed some special "quantification techniques" for reaching to the ultimate net-result for the given birth-chart.

has developed his own style and expertise with a modern concept in astrological predictions; through study of thousands of horoscopes during the past 24 years (since 1987). He gives much importance to
Ashtakvarga. He feels that Ashtakvarga should be studied in detail invariably before arriving at any astrological conclusion, be it transit analysis or a natal chart analysis.

An expert in the Vedic astrology , Shyam employs his vast real life experience with the tenets of Parashari to give some amazingly accurate results. He has established a sort of brand loyalty for his accuracy of astrological predictions made possible by his proprietary technology - "The Vjyotish Index" and "The Natal Authority Index".

He is an expert of "Sarvatobhadra-chakra". He himself has developed a very comprehensive software on "Sarvatobhadra-chakra", which is the only one of it's kind till date on this highly complicated Swara-shastra based subject. The "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" has always been shrouded in mystery due its complexity. Most of the astrology softwares do not dare to touch this subject at all. A few have though tried to incorporate the very basic calculations and vedhas of SarvatobhadraChakra.

Shyam specializes in the usage of "Panch-pakshi Shastra". The mysterious "Panch-pakshi Shastra" is a unique system of Vedic astrology, propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints thousands of years ago, which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life. Shyam himself has written a software which can provide all vital information in a single table to the user on daily basis.

Shyam is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer today. He does natal chart analysis, career guidance, natal astrology with guide posts for the year ahead, compatibility analysis of prospective or existing partners for business or love, selection of phonetically correct name for self or business etc. Details about all of his services and products may be found on "Products and Services" page.

He also specializes in Financial astrology (predicting about Stock markets, commodity markets and Forex markets etc.).