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Consultation in Person with Shyam

  At our Bulandshahr office or at our Camp Offices:
* For Consultation on a specific matter:
  Consultation Fees: Rs. 1,500
   (Our standard consultation time is 10 - 15 minutes.)
* For Consultation on multiple matters:
   Consultation Fees: Rs. 5,000 for the first hour.
   (Thereafter, Rs. 1,250 per extra 15 minutes slot)

Consultations are by prior appointment only.

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Please note that you are expected to end your conversation within above specified time. If time exceeds, you will be expected to pay fees in 15 minute's increments.
  In Your City at your specific request:
* Consultation Fees as discussed during appointment fixation.
* Taxi-fare from Bulandshahr to IGI Airport, Delhi (To & Fro).
* Air Fare (To & Fro) to your City.
* Airport Pick & drop in your city.
* Stay in a decent hotel in your city.

For appointment, please pay the fees in advance. You may transfer requisite amount in our Bank account or remit through Paytm. See the following links for details:
Bank account Click here for our bank account details
Paytm Click here for our Paytm details

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