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Here are some of the testimonials - we have received for "Astral Gem recommendation report", designed and calculated by Shyam.

Dear Kansal ji, This is the most comprehensive Gemstone Recommendation Report that I have come across! Excellent work. Congratulations. You have a knack for drilling down the pile of information, making scientific analysis and reaching a fine conclusion. I am happy that you have chosen the 'Anukul' method, which is also recommended by me. The report is highly recommended. I will have no hesitation in scrapping my own report and replacing with yours.

R Rao, Mumbai
(A well known astrologer and owner of a big astrology portal)

Namaste Shyamji, Om gam ganapataye namah!!! Thank you for the mail and the links. Bahu sukriya! You have created an excellent report based soundly on the logical and sattvik "Anukul-Graha-Ratna" philosophy propounded by the Graha-anukul-ratna-vishesajna parishad since the 1990s. Your report is another victory of light over darkness, and the darkness I refer to is the British-Raaj era notion of gems being worn to reverse pratikul (harmful) planets.

It makes me happy to see my influence, along with the other members of the PGA, such as Pt. Vidyadhar Shukla, Pt Sanjay Rath, Pt. Chakrapani Ullal, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, and others, like yourself, have all joined in the cause of countering the Pratikul-Graha-Ratna philosophy, which is not only nonsense, it is harmful.

email dated 9th September 2013

Dear Kansal ji, Trust this finds you in good spirits and am happy to have gone through the illustrative report being generated by you and the same is technically superior, most informative and yet easily understandable. I wish you all the very best in your astro services. With best wishes and blessings.

Namaste Mr. Kansal, Congratulations for your excellent work. It is the most comprehensive gemstone recommendation report I have seen so far! At the same time it is a very deep lesson in Jyotish which can bring trust and peace of mind to the person as well. Warm regards,

Dear Shyam Bhai, I saw your gem report. It is a very exhaustive work and highly commendable. Congratulations. Only you could have done something like this with your penchant for details.



Respected Mr.Shyam, Simply splendid! and host of other superlatives came flocking to my mind when I finished reading your report. Though a connoisseur and avid reader of vedic astrology myself, I can't help admiring your prodigious work in bringing it in line with modern computational, digital and scientific lines. Your pioneering work will surely go a long way in resurrecting this sacred science which ancestors so diligently compiled over the span of thousands of years.It's pleasure to have benefited from your prodigious knowledge. I wish you God-speed in your future endeavors. Thanks & Regards,

(A sincere feedback from a well known astrologer on a Facebook group)

Dear Sir, I've received all the 4 gem recommendation reports, for my family members. As usual, they are an excellent representation of your impeccable work, revealing certain aspects unavailable from other astrologers. I'm more than impressed! I would require a few more reports & shall revert to you soonest.

email dated 16th July 2013

Dear Shyam, Many thanks for sending the 'Astral-Gem' report which I find very interesting and helpful. I am so pleased with your results as I was worried Budha may have been malefic in my kundali. I have several reports on jyotish/gemstones and I think this is one of the best. I will certainly consider buying some of your other reports. Regards.

Michael (South Africa)

Thank you so much sir for this wonderful and accurate gem stone report.

Saurabh S, Saharanpur

Dear Sir, Thank you For your report. Your report is very nice. All details are well covered. Thanks & regards.

S. Lalagudi, Hyderabad

Hi Shyam, Thank you for this gem prescription report that I ordered as a gift for my sister. She is extremely happy with it. I ordered a gem prescription report for myself also at the same time and have not received it yet and I am checking to see when I will be receiving it. Forgive my impatience if you are working on it still. I'm just very excited to be getting it.

Lorina Q., Salt Lake City (UT), USA

Dear sir, Your report is most accurate. As per my calculations and experience, Yellow sapphire is lucky for me. It is now confirmed by your report also. I heartily appreciate your report and whenever essential I will get the reports of my clients also from you. With best wishes.

K Jagtap, Nasik
Vedic Astrologer

Mr Shyam, I have to say that your report is the best I have ever seen. Do you travel to Mumbai. I wanted to consult you in person. Again thank you very much. I will also be ordering your business and career report, kindly help me regarding the same. Regards,

Dhawal D, Mumbai


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