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The language and composition of the following mails clearly indicate that these are not simple formal appreciation. The depth, warmth and writer's  sincerity may be clearly felt.

I am pleasantly surprised to find a high quality site on Jyotish and a new software I was not aware of. I would be honored to link your site to ours.

Atreya Smith

California, USA

I am really amazed at this site. It goes beyond fascinating. Since I am a poet I find practically everything fascinating. I have downloaded the programís trial version and look forward to learning more about the program.

Gerry Ebert

United States

Mr. Kansal... my partner and I cannot express the level of joy we have in discovering your work. When I heard of your system, I knew that we had stumbled on to something great... ...keep doing the good work.


Detroit, USA

Dear Mr. Shyam, I was searching for a genuine Vedic Astrologer and Vedic Numerologist and after a through research I am convinced that you are genuine, authentic and have a holistic approach. The information on your website is amazing, but for the large part, it was your photograph that invoked intuitive trust in me.  .. .. I am writing to you today to seek your invaluable guidance in choosing a 'Phonetically suitable name' for me and in choosing a 'Suitable astral-gem' for me. ..... ...  Thanking you,

You're right when you say "It's the only bookmark on astrology one ever needs". The more I use it, the more I like it.

Renato Ferreira de Souza

Amsterdam, Netherlands


I must say that the approach you've taken to answer questions from real users/customers in the FAQ Section on actual problems, confusion & usage of the reports is simply stellar, direct & honest. You're truly a man of total substance in every sense! You have shown to the world that your theories & concepts are a continual "work in progress" & that you are growing much more as the usage evolves for the benefit of many in time to come. I said it before & am saying it again that It's an immense honor to have known you in this lifetime, Sir!

Mail dated 28th June 2013

This certainly looks like a very interesting site and product. You are to be congratulated!

Paul Wade

East Sussex, UK







Admiration by satisfied customers


 Testimonials by website visitors