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Astral-gem suggestion report

Dear Sir, I've received all the 4 gem recommendation reports, for my family members. As usual, they are an excellent representation of your impeccable work, revealing certain aspects unavailable from other astrologers. I'm more than impressed! I would require a few more reports & shall revert to you soonest.

email dated 16th July 2013

Personal Vedic Mantra suggestion

After reciting suggested mantra, I have (yesterday) been offered a job in a coal mine to start in 2 weeks - although tough work it will be very lucrative and restore my finances to levels I have not experienced in many years. It was most unexpected since I have no mine experience ... and it is remarkable how the Divinity has showered blessings upon me. 

Jean M.

Sydney, Australia 

Vedic Numerology services

After intense analysis of my birth-chart, Shyam suggested me using number "9" in all of my transactions, mobile number, car number, pricing of my products, brand name root number, etc. etc. I am following his advise with full sincerity since last seven years, I can say with confidence that using number "9", wherever I could, has made huge difference in my life, be it business or personal life. Shyam's explorations in Vedic astro numerology are just marvelous ! They can certainly change the life for better.

.Siyana road, Bulandshahr (U.P.), India

Short notes of sincere appreciation

Dear Mr Shyam Kansal, Thank you for the reports. I am grateful that you have kindly obliged to spend your precious time at looking into the data provided and providing me with useful insights. And I am happy with the outcome as well. Once again, I thank you for your excellent, well analyzed, intellectual and thoughtful response. Regards,

Klang Selangor, Malaysia
(Mail dated: 7th March 2013)




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