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W.D. Gann

The legendry astro-trader who used Indian Astrology for his trading decisions.

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We have a large collection, of more than 100 mails, received as sincere appreciation of our work in Financial astrology. But, it will make this page too bulky if we put all those testimonials here. Thus, we have chosen a few of them only, received from persons of different back-grounds.

Needless to mention that his predictions regarding the movement of the pivotals during that period were correct. Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index) was predicted to witness a sudden upsurge around 13th December 1996 for a short period. On 4th of December 1996 Sensex hit a 52-week low. Business Standard in its edition dated 5th of December 1996 has quoted analysts at Unit Trust of India expecting the Sensex to touch a level of 2600 within the forthcoming settlement. In this backdrop the Sensex shot up sharply by 143 points on 11th of December. This led a leading stock analyst to state in The Economic Times that “…it is interesting that this type of rally should take place at the fag end of the year.  ... ..”            

Anshumalee Sood  

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I feel you are on to something of great significance that should not be shared with consultants. I firmly believe that with my assistance we together will break the DNA of the future. I believe that the marriage of the net numbers to technical commodity analysis will reveal some outstanding conclusions both to individuals as well as corporations or partnerships.

James Edwin Sinclair 

A precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader.

I have been very impressed with the accuracy of the Vjyotish Dow Jones daily forecasts for the month of February! It has been very helpful to me in guiding my financial planning. Congratulations on work well done and thank you!    (Read complete mail)

Conan Mishler, USA

Portland, Oregon Area, USA

Looks like you have really worked very hard. the concept is definitely appreciable and useful. .... yes, this is exactly what i was looking for. The format is very nice ....

Mahesh Gowande

Financial astrologer, Mumbai

I am intrigued by the work you've done. I've done quite a bit of financial research myself, and have worked out a profitable cycle-based trading system on US Bond futures (and other markets). Basically, I'll get a cycle turning point telling me whether to go long or short at a particular time. The points are always correct, but there is an issue of "slop", where sometimes a point can come a few days early, or sometimes it can come a few days late. Obviously, that window of time is a major source of trading error on my part.

Earik B.


A laudable effort. A valuable value addition to trading techniques.

Amitabh Chaudhary

Technical Analyst, Orbis Securities,
New Delhi

Last month, I purchased your report and your predictions were almost correct. I didn't trade but was keenly monitoring them. From next month (August-2003), I will be actually trading. So please take the utmost care while sending me the next month's forecasts. Thanks again for providing this great service.

Anil Mathews

Hyderabad, India


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Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.
(Performance of overall index, individual stocks and industry sectors)

Metal and minerals
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Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Ground-nut, Mustard (also, other oil-seeds), Menthol, Silk, Jute, Jeera,  Wheat,  Red-chillies, Black-pepper,  etc.

Currency pairs

U.S.Dollar / Indian Rupee
U.S.Dollar / Euro
U.S.Dollar / Jap. Yen
...  and many other pairs

 Others markets
Many other markets which are not covered under above categories (like lotteries).

Sports, Horse-racing

Various sports have not remained simply "Sports" today. Outcome of matches involve huge amounts of money.

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