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Every single one of these testimonials is absolutely real. They are sent to us by clients from all over the world--by people just like you. And, of course, they are only used with permission.
Shyam, Your reports are very correct for time I won $10,000 on the internet playing casino games. The time of win was marked as "Excellent" in your report. At another occasion, during my "Excellent" time, I met a very beautiful woman of my life. Yet during another such time, I won $1,500 about 3 weeks ago. Your reports give me good advice to know about the hours of a day to gamble. Thanks.

Ted K, Canton (Ohio, USA)

Thank you for my report which you sent so promptly. I am quite impressed with the results on and around the dates of my Casino wins and losses during the year.

Scott (Apollo), New Zealand

Sometimes you have to wait awhile until one of "Your Lucky Times" comes around. But it was very lucky for me when it did! I won $1,130 in 'The Magnificent Seven' in the New Jersey Cash 5 lottery.

Cynthia S., New York, NY

I continue to buy the Washington State Lotto using your lotto system since I won moderately three times recently with its help. I'm eternally optimistic that I will surely hit jackpot one day with its help.

Gary G., Washington D.C.

Last night, I won more money again when your report was indicating for it. This time I won $550 total, but gave $120 to a girlfriend who was helping me play the machine. We would take turns on the spin. She would push the button and then I would push the button. I like when some other person helps me play because it's more fun.

T. Kravos, Canton (Ohio, USA)

I bought a scratch-off lottery ticket on a day shown as "Good" in your "Lotto Lucky dates" report and won $ 450. It was unbelievable.

Debbie Martelli, Wappingers Falls, NY, USA

Even though it was supposed to be only a Slightly Lucky Day, I won $740 on a horse I bet on. It made it a Super Lucky Day for me!

Karrie G, Fort Worth TX

I do not gamble every day. I only gamble if I see the day marked as "Excellent" or "Good", or atleast, "Fair" in your report. I am very cautious because I do not want to lose money. Gambling is a very strong energy. I never won any money over $1,500. I wish I could hit bigger wins. Your report look very interesting and help me figure out the best times to play better.

Don S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I won that money, about 731 Pounds at exactly 21:32 hours on Jan 7th. I could not play at those other better times because I had to work at my job. Other nights, I ignored your report and lost money. The report was correct. They were not good days to gamble. Your calibration of time slots are very correct. I played many times during prohibited time slots -- and lost way too much money. I will have to respect your report in future.

P S Wolverton, Brighton, UK

Shyam, Many thanks for my "Lucky time slots" report. It has remained very helpful in my horse race wins this year. The event I wish to mention here - was my biggest win so far on a horse race, the last Tuesday (7th November) Melbourne Cup, when I won over $3,000. This really is stunning evidence in favour of your astrological skills.

Chris, Sydney, Australia

February was very slow for me, as my chart predicted...so I stayed home most of the month, but March showed some lucky times in the beginning, the middle and the end of the month. I hit 3 Royal Flushes for a total of $16,000 playing $1 & $2 video poker games! I love this product!

C.S., Chicago, USA

I won 16 Blackjacks in a 20 min period at the Blackjack table. I like to use your Lucky time Slots report because it's so much fun to win! I never knew that Indian astrology can guide so precisely.

Isabel S, Staten Island, NY




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