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Frequently Asked Questions about application of Astrology
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"Excellent, convincing attempt to fill the void of predictive astrology and transits. No system till date can even remotely compete with it. Wonderful !".

Dr. Amitabh Varma
 (D.M. Neuro)

Hony. Consulting Physician to The President of India.  A renowned Jyotish scholar of international repute.


Frequently Asked Questions

I recently purchased two reports: a custom Vjyotish & a "Lucky time slots for you to buy lottery tickets." The reports do not seem to match. The Vjyotish report says my luck for lotteries on June 28 is only fair, where as the Lucky Time Slots report shows two excellent slots, one 100% and other 90%. I'm wondering why these reports are different, and which one is more accurate? The Lucky Times Slots or the Vjyotish?

How to use the Primary Root Number on particular dates where one or more numbers show "Excel" & "Good" in my report. In your example for "Mr. XYZ" - on 08/11/2011, the report shows "Excel" for Root No 2 & 7 simultaneously. Now, which Root Number he should play or take precedence? How would you tackle this question?

I am based in Singapore. My question is on the application of the Primary Root Numbers for the Toto Game (Lotto in other countries) ..how do I apply it? In this game, Basic or Ordinary System is to choose 6 numbers out of 45 numbers. How to select the numbers for play based on the Primary Root Number in your report? 

I tried your method of choosing 5 out of 6 numbers in Lotto set, and the primary root number returned was 7 for the total of these five chosen numbers. However, my "Excellent number for today" is "Five".  Therefore, now I need to select the 6th number of lotto set in such a way that the primary root number of all the six chosen numbers become "5". What should I do in this case?

How do I use the primary root number, suggested in your report, while buying lotteries or going to Casinos?

What steps do you suggest for using your various reports related to Lottery & Gambling? How can I make best use of different reports obtained from you?

Can you please tell me what is the main difference between "Lucky time slots" report and "Lucky days for sudden Fortune and Lotteries" report?