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Get answers of your specific questions
In-depth astrological analysis is done for your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Fees are on "Per Question" basis. Sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions asked.
The pro-rata fees gets reduced depending upon the number of questions. More details on fee structure may be found on "Order page" itself.

Please note that all asked questions in a single order-form must be related to a particular birth-chart only. Also, do not try to ask multiple questions within a single question, in the garb of sub-questions. That's not fair. Click here to read some guidelines about asking the questions.
Given here-under is a list of various major life-aspects. Each of the following link will show you sample questions about concerned life-aspect for your guidance.

Career, job & profession

Finance, Money & wealth

Business related issues

Property & Vehicles

Children related issues (Health, Education etc.)

Progeny prospects & new born related issues

Love, Marriage & relationship

Compatibility check (Horoscope matching)

Overseas travel

Honour, awards, name, fame, Royal favours

Health, diseases & physical sufferings

Fortunate dates and lucky intra-day timings

Sudden fortune, Lotteries & Games of chance

Analysis of birth-chart

Stock, commodity & Forex trading specific issues

Miscellaneous issues

Yearly predictions

Suitable Name & Spelling suggestion

Preventive & Remedial measures

Muhurtas - Selecting the auspicious time


A rightly recommended astral gem can lift you to new heights by bringing out the best in you. In the professional sphere, precious stones can help you to achieve breakthroughs which have topped your list of aspirations for a long time. Romantic involvement can become more intense. A right gem stone could hasten marriage or a meeting with a special someone, in addition to saving your marriage if it's heading for the rocks.

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Astral Gem report

This is the most comprehensive Gemstone Recommendation Report that I have come across! Excellent work. Congratulations. You have a knack for drilling down the pile of information, making scientific analysis and reaching a fine conclusion. I am happy that you have chosen the 'Anukul' method, which is also recommended by me. The report is highly recommended. I will have no hesitation in scrapping my own report and replacing with yours.

R Rao, Mumbai
A well known astrologer and 
owner of a big astrology portal