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Note: In addition to the "Special Astrological Chart Reading Packages" mentioned below, you may avail specific query related Vedic astrological services as well.
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Natal Reading (Detailed) INR 8,600 US $ 167
A comprehensive interpretation of the Vedic natal horoscope. This reading includes a psychological and personality profile; an evaluation of the potentials of various aspects of life (e.g. Health, Family & Friends, Property & Wealth, Spirituality, Home & Away, etc.); Trends and Events related to various aspects of life in coming three years analyzed through Vjyotish index methodology;  Identification of the eventful years of your life ("Best" and the "Worst" age-years); . Analysis of Vimshottari dashas to analyze the different planetary periods and what effect they will have on your life;  Overview of bullish and bearish phases in your life-journey. Also, you will be told about "The Astrological Suitability of Eight Directions" which will be useful while choosing the best  place for higher education, career, business, investing in property and overall happiness and spirituality.

Life trends Analysis for the year

The analysis of your personal astrological signatures, for 12 months period (or in multiples of 12 months), is done with the help of our proprietary "Vjyotish Index" methodology, also called "AstroGraphs". An AstroGraph comprises a set of graphical depictions indicating the positive and negative influences in specific areas of your life. Significant spheres of life are integrated in this amazing astrological device. All displayed graphs are derived from an in-depth evaluation of your birth chart, where exhaustive mathematical calculations go into the development of the grids and scorings.

Different AstroGraphs are your daily, weekly and monthly guide in various life-spheres that helps you differentiate and channelize all your scattered energies in a more effective manner during any particular day of the month.

Relationship Chart INR 5,000 US $ 131
A one-hour reading in which the natal horoscopes of two individuals are compared for the purpose of gaining deeper insight into the dynamics of their relationship. This can be applied to marriages, business relationships, friendships, family relationships, etc.
Question Charts INR 1,400 US $ 68
A detailed reading on any particular question. This chart can be quite helpful in gaining insight at pivotal moments in life.
Prescriptive Reading INR 5,000 US $ 131
Jyotish includes not only the art of horoscope interpretation, but also a variety of ancient techniques and prescriptions designed to enhance one's attunement to planetary energy, and to promote greater harmony and fulfillment in life. The recommendations made in this reading are individualized and based on the Vedic natal horoscope.

The reading would comprise identification of your bad-periods in coming 5 years, detailed remedial measures for your obstructing and trouble causing planets - like, recommendation of astral-gem-stones, suitable Vedic planetary mantra to chant, charities and yagyas etc.

Feasibility of new Business venture INR 5,000 US $ 131
If You are thinking of starting a new Business Venture, please give full details of Your existing business, and about new business You intend
To start, and we would let you know, whether this would work for you
and give the desired profits envisaged.

Stock-market suitability reading

INR 5,000

US $ 131

If You invest in Shares and Financial Markets , You would be guided, which type of Companies and Products are most suited to give you profits. And this is not a joke, but serious affair, that astrology can help you in Share Markets. For some people its Cement and Infrastructure which brings in the moolah, For others it is the Steel Industry etc. What about You ?
Location Reading

(Sliding Fee based on time)

Interpretation of the planetary influences on various locations. This can be used as an effective aid in deciding fortunate places to move, work, invest, etc.

(Sliding Fee based on time)

(selection of a good time to begin important events)
A useful technique that enhances the outcome of important events in life by choosing the best time for beginning marriage, incorporation, new projects, etc.

Birth-time rectification

INR 10,400

US $ 221

Birth Time Rectification (BTR) is a complex analytical process. The process basically has two stages:

(1) Determination of correct Ascendant determination during a given time frame of about one or two hours

(2) Exact Birth-Time determination - once the correct ascendant has been fixed. It is a very complex process to align events of your life with the Vimshottari timeline (e.g., marriage, birth of children, death of parents, promotions, loss of job, health crisis, accidents, etc etc)


Birth-chart analysis of newborn baby

The report provides personality profile, guidance, precautions & remedies. The report consists of readings concerning various aspects of child's life, like, Nature, Temperament and Physical characteristics, Learning and Education, What makes him special, The Way - child will act, The things - child may love, Health, Career, Wealth & Property, Home & Away, The Good & Bad colours for child, Some Dos and Dont's, The "Yantra" to ward off evils, Directional un-suitability among the eight directions, etc. etc.

Plan the "Best-time" for conception

This Jyotish reading is concerning the "most important task" in a person's life, i.e. pro-creation. The time of conception ("Garbhadhaana") is very-very important and should be carefully planned by prospective parents. The report provides best dates for nuptials; Guidance about "Things to avoid" and "Things to adopt", etc.. 


How to order?


Booking a Reading by Time
If none of the preceding reading formats suit your purpose, then you can book a reading by time. Shyam books in 15 minute increments. Click here to view the fee structure.
Recording the reading or Readings by Phone
All of the above readings are normally recorded in MP3 format and sent to the client through email after the reading. However, all of the above readings are available by phone also, if you wish. You have to choose any one method.
A note for International Clients
For international clients who have a broadband internet connection, Shyam can be contacted via Skype and Nimbuzz, the two toll-free internet phone services. For a free download of the Skype program go to www.skype.com . For a free download of the Nimbuzz program go to www.nimbuzz.com. Once it is downloaded, email Shyam for his Skype / Nimbuzz contact information.